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Free Cooking Show Box?


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Apr 12, 2005
Has anyone ever done one of these?
What did you use for a box?
How big was it?
What did you use for your slips?

I'm getting ready to make a few. I do have a few ideas but was hoping for so good ones from people who already have.

Pampered Laura

Well, since I just restarted, I'm going to be using my "Success" Starter Kit box... it's white with the logos and stuff all over it. If you don't have that, use your Classic Batter Bowl w/Lid. You could cut a slit in the lid and have them stick their slips in there.
Or, just get a shoe box and decorate it with white paper and put the PC stickers on it.

As for slips, I've always used the Door Prize slips, but you could do a filesearch on this board for "drawing" or "slips" and you'll come up with a few that people have created.

HTH! :eek:


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Oct 7, 2005
Cover an empty kleenex box with some simple, but pretty wrapping paper or tissue paper. Add decorations/product pictures and "FREE Cooking Show" sign on front. Be creative. If you don't feel like you're very crafty/creative, there are TONS of pictures on the KCNs that PC sends us that show groups having fun at parties, etc. Cut/paste some onto cardstock to clean them up and make them stand out against the background paper. It doesn't have to be uber complicated.. sometimes the more simple, the better.
Also, you could just use the "thanks for joining us at the show" slips, and have people that are interested in the free cooking show drawing put theirs in the box as opposed to giving them to you at the end of the show. (but tell them that they need to fill out the entire slip in order to enter--if you draw their name and they haven't filled it out entirely, they don't win. it doesn't take but a minute to fill out and it gives you their complete contact information to be used only for business purposes... you won't sell it or give it to anyone -- aka telemarketers or something)


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Apr 13, 2004
Don't ruin your Batter Bowl Lid...

I have been using mine and the drawing slips for quite some time now. I just have the guests fold the slip into fours and drop it in the bowl without the lid. They do not care what you use, just that they win! You could lso use a smaller Pampered Chef bos, like the change over box. It is small and compact and easier to carry than the Starter Kit box. You could also use the QuikStir Pitchers or one of the Stainless Mixing Bowls. Show off a product and then use it. One less item to carry all together.


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Apr 12, 2005
These are great ideas. Thanks. I'm not using this for cooking shows though. I'm going to take the boxes to local businesses in the area to increase booing outside of my cooking shows. So I can build my leads.
I was thinking a shoe box with wrapping paper and a PC sticker on it. Then a sign that says enter to win a free cooking show. I think I'm going to make my own drawing slips for this also. That way the are you interested in a catalog show is on the slips.
At my show I've started putting post it notes in a few catalogs that say you are a winner. To give away free shows at my shows.