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Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Plannner Awesome!

In summary, the author received their custom planner in the mail and recommends it to others. The cost is $29.95 and it is tailored to the needs of PC consultants.
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I just received my planner in the mail today! I love it! It's so nice! Can't wait to use it in the New year! I recommend it to everyone who wants to keep themselves organzied and professional looking!
Hey Heather! How long did it take for you to actually get it? My recruiter bought hers and still hasn't gotten it and that was over a month ago. :confused: I can't wait to order mine!
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i ordered it on 9-30-05! so it was quick to ship to me!! Yipee! :D
WOW! That is so fast! I'll have to let my recruiter know!
What was the cost for that again?
$29.95! That's a great deal for the planner that is customized to our needs! :)
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yes great price considering I was going to buy a regular type planner at walmart for $25- not custom made for your PC biz. And it was 1/2 the size of this one! I love how professional it looks and all the inserts stuff for your business!
it looks really big - is it? is it easy to carry around?
I ordered mine sept. 1st, but that was pre-order, they didn't start shipping until oct. 1st. They have shipped mine, but the tracking numbrer is invalid in both their sysytm and USPS...I'm starting to wonder if they actually sent it or not. I really want mine!!! I already have shows booked for march and july of next year and want to put them in there!!!
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it's about 9x11 or so. will be lugging it around in my new tote I ordered. So if you are looking for compct and small this is not it.
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I'm jealous you got your already! I can't wait. I seriously need some better organization skills and methods. Hopefully your kit isn't too far behind! ONe of my other consultants signed in September too and she received hers on Sept 30th, which I was surprised about since I didn't think it would come before October 1st. She's not too far from the HO though. I'm crossing my fingers it's this week for you! You could always try calling HO to see if they shipped it. :) Have you gotten the debit card # yet?
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InsertsWhat kind of inserts does it have that are tailored to the company? I haven't seen any specific information and am trying to figure out why this is better than using a 3 ring binder.

Thanks for the info..

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It has the pampered chef logo on cover- nice touch. It has the consultant organizer w/: recruiting contact list,proactive tips, value tips, mission statement, calender with notes indicating pay days, when orders are due, conference dates, master task list re: booking goals, sales goals, recruiting and incentive goals with guest and host specials, daily task list calander with food tips, business tips, product tips, huge note pad and adress phone book. Pretty good for only $29.95, custom made to tailor PC consultants! :)
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Thanks for the information!
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ok...I just recieved my planner today and it is absolutely perfect!!!! I can't think of anything that would make it better! I am so happy now!!!
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What size is it?
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This is the first that I've heard of this. Is it available to Canadian Consultants? Where did you purchase it?
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either go to consultants corner and on the red drop down list that says managing your business, the last item is order your franklin cover planner today click there and it takes you to the site
otherwise www.franklincovey.com
I don't know if they ship to Canada or not, if they don't you can e-mail me and have it shipped to me and I'll send it to you if you wish...you would be the coolest consultant in canada!!! LOL
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Ugh....this is frustrating. We don't have a drop down tab for "Managing Your Business" under the Canadian Consultant Corner..... I'm going to check out Franklin Covey Directly and see if I can find any info. If not I'll take you up on your offer.

Is it geared towards American info, or is it generic?

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it looks pretty generic to me...just Pampered Chef specific...it does have a headquarters in Canada...the number is 866-742-2487...it was listed in here, so I assume you can order it.
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Franklin Covey WebsiteWhere did you find it listed on the Franklin Covey Website?

p.s. thanks for all of the help :)
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it was listed in the organizer...i know for america it is item # 30938 MO PC WEEK WB ORGANIZER JAN 06 $29.95

I would suggest calling them and telling them that is what it is called in America and you want it for Canada delivery. It shouldn't be too hard for them to do
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Thanks again, I'll look into it from this end. Strange that The Pampered Chef wouldn't make it available in Canada... :(
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Does it have places on the sides of the calendar for the monthly specials, sales goals and recruiting goals? That's been a big help with the planner I ordered from PC this year.
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yes it does...it has it at the beginning of each month....it is like a deluxe version of the PC one you are talking about
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Oh wow! I wonder if they're going to offer new calendar inserts for it every year so you can keep the same Address and Telephone number pages.
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If you don't want to purchase the new planner:From home office:
Thank you for contacting the home office. The Planners will be available as in years past.
Jill Burdick
Solution Center Representative
1-888-OUR-CHEF (687-2433)
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I got mine.

The only problem is that the PC imprint on my leather cover is uneven, like it's deeper on some spots than on others. Anyone else have this problem?

I'm thinking of sending it back for a new one.
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stupid question but....What is the BIG difference between this one & the one that PC just sent us (besides being more professional looking)....how exactly will they keep us more organized. I guess this time of the year I am looking at every dollar I have with Christmas so close!

1. What is the purpose of the Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome?

The Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome is a versatile planner designed to help you stay organized and on top of your tasks, appointments, and goals. It combines the proven productivity system of Franklin Covey with the quality and style of Pampered Chef.

2. What makes the Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome different from other planners?

This planner stands out for its high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and integration of both Franklin Covey's time management principles and Pampered Chef's focus on meal planning and home organization. It also includes useful features such as recipe pages, meal planning templates, and shopping lists.

3. Is the Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome suitable for all types of users?

Yes, the planner can be used by anyone looking to improve their organization and productivity. Its customizable layout allows for flexibility in how you use it, making it suitable for students, professionals, parents, and more.

4. Can I purchase additional accessories or refills for my Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome?

Yes, there are various accessories and refills available for purchase, such as additional planning pages, dividers, and stickers. These can be found on the Pampered Chef website or through a Pampered Chef consultant.

5. How do I get started with using my Franklin Covey Pampered Chef Planner Awesome?

The planner comes with a user guide that outlines the basic steps for setting up and using the planner effectively. You can also find helpful tips and tutorials on the Pampered Chef website or by connecting with a Pampered Chef consultant for personalized assistance.

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