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Feeling quite down....


Silver Member
Nov 15, 2005
I struggled to get my first six bookings with friends because I haven't lived here that long and actually don't know too many people. Luckily one friend of mine held a party and invited her neighbours, who love holding parties, so two of them booked and now I have two or three more bookings from that group as well. They are in a smallish town outside of where I live.

We had a cluster meeting at my directors last night. She came out with "I've just recruited a girl named Yvonne who lives in Dunbar (the town I'm talking about) and I think she will be at your party on Friday Karen"

yay. So basically this girl has either been referred or knows someone who went to one of my parties (as I'm the first person to do this in Dunbar) AND she was given my directors name somehow. If my director hadn't met with her already I would have had a recruit lead for Friday, not my director.

AND she's friends with this group of ladies I've met down there, so who do you think will get all the bookings in that town now?