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Door Prizes?


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Oct 23, 2005
Doing my first show in 9 days... still waiting on my kit.. just curious on what kind of prizes I can give away at my first show... I assume I will purchase pc items for other shows? Any ideas :)


Mar 10, 2005
I usually give the door prize winner her choice of either a Season's Best or one of our dip mix samples. You can purchase both through paperwork supply.


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Nov 24, 2004
crsnlsa said:
Doing my first show in 9 days... still waiting on my kit.. just curious on what kind of prizes I can give away at my first show... I assume I will purchase pc items for other shows? Any ideas :)
Pampered Chef provides you with 6 Season's Best recipe books to use as a door prize at your first 6 shows. In addition, they will be sending your first six hosts a sample of our coffee with their shipment as an additional thank you. The intention is to help you at first so that you are not out a lot of money. My best advice it so follow home office outline for your first few shows so that you are comfortable with the overall presentation. Read the Recipe for Success book that will come in your kit. Then read it again. Then leave it in your lap while watching the video that comes with your kit. Then watch the video again. :D. Don't read so much on this board that you feel overwhelmed in what you think you need to do. Start slow with the PC outline, then build on it with the ideas you read on here. Congratulations on starting your new business!
Oct 2, 2005
Great advice!

Thanks, Rita, for that advice. I tend to do exactly what you advised not to--that is, I read through this board & think, "oh wow, lots of great ideas!" & I try to do them all!! Definitely take that advice, Lisa! Even some of the newer consultants seem to have lots of great ideas & I feel so far away from being able to do all that.


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Apr 13, 2004
Lisa, Rita is right!

One thing I have learned through out my 5 years, never try to do everything!
It just gets confusing and you never really find out what works.
So my director told me to pick one or two things. Do the Season's Best and one other item. Or any combination of two of the things you can get at a discount on the Supply Order. Use them for about 6 months. If this works well and you keep getting a good reception from these items, DO NOT CHANGE IT. Oh I must thank Rita. We were in a discussion on an earlier blog about what to give as a host gift. I decided to make a change as of November 1 to something much easier for me to control. I picked two items from the supply list and will be doing one and/or the other and my discount. That's it. Nothing extravagant any more. I just have to stop "giving away the store." (Thanks Rita!) Back to the point though.
Why fix what ain't broke. You can go broke trying too many things and you can also go crazy try to keep up with the rest of Joneses!
One thing I do, is I look at my host. As of the first of November I will do this. If they are a multi hoster, I try to do something a little more for them but not until the fourth show. It was a number I decided on a long time ago. These people now get a cash discount from me on their personal order, usually on the host bonus products being offered each month. This month, I deducted $8.00 from any of the three items for hosts. It is easier for me and it gives them what the company is advertising, "Get what YOU want!". If they choose not to take a host bonus, I will do a deduction on their other items. Although no one has passed on the bonuses yet! And I always use the same dollar amount.
That's it. I have been using this since March when we did the switch over and have not had a problem with it. I do other things as well but that is above and beyond the advise you are looking for and it is my personal preference.
So to put this in a better perspective: As of November 1 each host will get a Season's Best and one other item from me if they have had three or less shows with me.
For the hosts that are on or above show #4, they will get a Season's Best and a cash discount of some amount. I am thinking of sticking to a straight $5 discount on their personal order. I think that is a good enough amount and this does not tie them to a specific product they may not want. And it won't break me.
That is the entire point.
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Oct 23, 2005
Thank you everone for the great advice... I think I was starting to get a little overwhelmed...