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Consultants in my area...

Feb 24, 2006
Does anyone know if there is a way on the main TPC website to find out other consultants (how many and where) who live in my town? I'd really love to get a better idea of how many of us there are in this area.
Thanks, Chris :)

PS - A special thank you to everyone who helped me figure out how to get my question posted!!! ;)


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Apr 13, 2004
No Way

There is no way to find out who is a consultant in your area via the TPC website. And they willnot tell you if you write or call. It is concidered privilaged info. My Director has no idea who is in our area unless she meets them. My Executive director does not know unless they are attached to her group. It is very hush hush. This is so there is no territory staking.
It is better if you do not know. This is what keeps you in business strangely enough. If you knew there was another consultant in your area. Would you not feel funny about asking EVERYONE to have shows? That why we don't know. Phsycological thing.


Jul 12, 2005
No there is not a way of knowing. I have always wondered the samething. I can tell you that I live in Oakwood, so I am not that far from you. I know of plenty of consultants in Kettering, Centerville, Bellbrook, Miamisburg. That is all I can think of at this time.

Who is your director?



How funny!! My director is in that area as well. And I live in NW Indiana. My recruiter lives n. of Dayton. It seems that there are a lot of consultants in that area of Ohio!


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Sep 17, 2005
Hey! Dayton area here too! :) I do think there are a whole lot of consultants in this area. A new girl just started yesterday where I work and she's a consultant too! Turns out her director and my director do joint cluster meetings. Needless to say, in an office with only 7 people, the other girls are already sick to death of hearing us talk about it!