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Catalog Show - Need Help

Jul 22, 2005
Anyone have any advice on how to help my host have a great catalog show. I've never had much luck with these before, but my host is very excited about it and really want to encourage her in the right ways.

What's worked for you. What kinds of flyers/letter do you send them. I'm in a bit of a time crunch as she's coming over to pick catalogs up today, but I can also mail stuff out to her on Monday.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Here's the flyer I include in catalog show packets. I know I've seen a couple others on here, so maybe you can do a search and enter "catalog show" or something like that. HOpe this one helps.


Jul 13, 2005
Encourage host to use your website.

My catalog shows sales have really improved since host started using the e-invitations.

I turned in a catalog show Friday that was $436. I was thrilled. I am learning to look for host who work at offices with several co-workers. I am trying to figure away to get bookings from catalog shows. I am trying to flyer or postcard come up with a thank you for ordering form _____________ catalog show flyer. On the flyer I would like to state what FREE and discount item host received and have some small gift for them hosting a catalog show in current month. Any ideas?

Sep 20, 2005
What I found that helps is to get the host of the catalog show excited about upcoming minth's specials, it encourages her to get someone else to host a catlog or kitchen show in that month. Also, make sure she is doing no work in hosting the catalog show so that everyone can see exactly how easy it is. Stress the fun in having a kitchen show. I just had a ctalog show in a law office that started as just an individual order, but everyone saw the catalog and wanted to order from the girl. I had one person mark on her order form that she wanted to host her own catalog show, well since thy worked in the same office and you don't want to have 2 shows back to back there, I decided to wait to call her till after she received her products and then we could pick a month for the catalog show. Well, the host stressed just how fun it would be to get all of the girls together and have a kitchen show that she changed it to a kitchen show by the time i talked to her and she is booked for nov. 19!