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Pampered Chef: Need Help With Wording For The Benefits of Hosting a Catalog Show

  1. I am brand new. I am really excited about starting my business!! I will be signing next month. I am just trying to get everything organized before I do. I want to make a flyer about the benefits of hosting a catalog show, that I want to place in all of my catalogs:blushing:. I see a lot of great information on this site, (I think this site is awesome!!!). I am just confused on which benefits don’t apply to just hosting a catalog show. Can someone help me with this? I wanted to include these things but… I don’t know if they all apply.

    1. Free Products
    2. Up to 4 half-price items
    3. Save 10% for a full year
    4. 30% discount on discounted products
    5. Free Shipping
    6. Monthly Host Special
    7. Booking Benefit
    8. Income Opportunity-apply Free product value toward the purchase of starter kit.

    Thank you
    May 17, 2009
  2. MLinAZ

    MLinAZ Member Gold Member

    Welcome! I'm new too - just had my first cooking show yesterday and have an open catalog show at the moment as well.

    I think everything you listed is accurate, although on #4 I'd say "up to 30% discount on any product". It starts at 20% and goes up depending on sales so I'd make sure that's clearer.

    Good luck!!
    May 18, 2009
  3. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Jolie_Paradoxe Senior Member Gold Member

    Hello and welcome! The benefits are the same for both types of shows. The ONLY difference is that a cooking show has an additional $15 in free product value. Catalog hosts can still earn free product value, but it doesn't kick in until $200 in sales.

    I usually tell Catalog hosts that since cooking show hosts open their homes and provide ingredients, PC thanks them with the initial $15 as a thank you and to help offset their grocery bill.

    For Cooking show hosts, I tell them that this is an easy way to get together with friends, and that it's fun too. I mention that PC gives them $15 in FPV as a thank you, and that from the get go....they already have earned something free....all for simply inviting and hanging out with friends and family.

    Hope this was useful!
  4. c00p

    c00p Veteran Member Gold Member

    I'm going to post a catalog "show planner" that I borrowed/stole/edited from someone at some point. Perhaps you don't have to re-create the wheel!!! I also give my catalog hosts an extra $15 in free products when their show reaches $300 in sales.....this is a big incentive for them. Good luck!

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    May 18, 2009
  5. Thank you for all of your help!!!!
    May 18, 2009
  6. lmradlein

    lmradlein Member Gold Member

    Andrea, do you have one for a cooking show. I love :love: the format of this one!

    Thank you!!!
    May 24, 2009
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