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Can I Track My SS Kit Once It Ships from HO?

In summary, the conversation discusses the excitement of receiving a consultant number and password, tracking orders through the My Business tab, and checking the status of the SS kit. The conversation also includes congratulatory messages and tips for starting a business. It is mentioned that some people have already received their baskets, but not everyone has. It is suggested to check the Product Adjustment tab on the website for more information. One person mentions that it may not have been shipped yet, and another asks how long it takes to receive the kit and supplies.
I am super excited!! I got my e-mail from HO to give my my Consultant number and password!!! I got NOTHING done around my house today because I lived at Consultant's Corner!!! I noticed on there that I will be able to track my orders in the My Business tab, and I wondered if my SS kit will show up there once it ships from HO. Does anyone know if it will?!?!?

What can I say?!? I am so eager to get busy!!!
:D First off, Congratulations on signing! I know that it was the best decision I have made with earning money and product all the time!
As to your questions, I don't remember if it will show up under SHIPMENT STATUS or not. There is another way to check it though!
On the main page in the top left side (under the tabs) it says PRODUCT ADJUSTMENT.
Click on it.
Click on the I agree to the terms and hit continue.
Hit the I don't remember the show number...
Then click on find and it will pull up any order that has been placed under your consultant number.
If you ever have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask away! Everyone on this site is GREAT :D and we are willing to help everyone out!
Again Congratulations!
Congratulations! I know how excited you are, I just got a copy of the letter sent to my new recruite with her info (minus the password). I was so excited for her! I would have called her but she is out of time till monday!. Good Luck and we'll all here for you! :)
Thanks!Kristi, thanks for the information on checking the kit status. I was going nutso because I've read where others have received their baskets already and I'm going WHERE ARE MINE!!!

Congratulation on signing! Use your enthusiasm to jump start your business. While you are waiting for your kit take a tele-class. You'll get to talk with more excited newbies! Good luck! Maybe we'll meet at Leadership in Jan!
I haven't received my baskets either. I thought I would have received them already. But, I couldn't find any info on those on the website under product adjustment. If you get it to work, let me know how you did it. I don't think an incentive will show up that way because we didn't actually place an order.

Shawnna :(
shawnnaI as well couldnt find my baskets shipping status either ! I thought i heard a few people on this site have allready received them . I think I will call monday to see when i can be expecting them ! I just get so excited when i earn something ! I cant wait for them to come in ! LOL :D
DPatel and Shawna ~
Did you see the tab Product Adjustment that I was talking about on the main page? If you do then follow my previous post and it WILL show all of them stuff that has been shipped to you!! :)
I'm walking out the door right now but I will check back with you when I return home later!
I guess it hasn't been shipped yet then. All I found was my shows that I submitted in July and my sample, supply and personal order from this month. I wonder why it is taking so long to ship my baskets. I can't wait to get them. I love baskets and I already have big plans for that square one.

How long does it take to get kit?I wanted to know how long does it take to get your kit and supplies?

What is "I Got My Cons. # Today!!!!"?

"I Got My Cons. # Today!!!!" is a phrase used by consultants at Pampered Chef to celebrate and share their success in achieving their monthly sales goals.

How do I know when I have achieved my monthly sales goal?

You will receive an email from Pampered Chef congratulating you on reaching your monthly sales goal. You can also check your consultant dashboard for the current month's sales progress.

What happens when I reach my monthly sales goal?

When you reach your monthly sales goal, you will earn a commission on your sales and receive recognition from Pampered Chef. You may also be eligible for bonuses and rewards depending on your rank and performance.

What if I don't reach my monthly sales goal?

If you do not reach your monthly sales goal, you will not earn a commission on your sales for that month. However, you can still work towards achieving your goal in the following months and may still be eligible for bonuses and rewards based on your overall performance.

Is it important to reach my monthly sales goal?

While it is not required to reach your monthly sales goal, it is highly encouraged as it can lead to higher earnings and recognition from Pampered Chef. It also shows your dedication and commitment to your business and customers.

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