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Batter Bowl cookies

Aug 15, 2005
Cookies in a Batter bowl (jar) gifts

They look really fun and creative on the website. I am wanting to do these in December and have a host who REALLY wants to do it. How do I make it flow smoothly and show LOTS of tools while everyone is making the bowls? It doesn't seem like I would have an oppotunity to show the guest all the options.
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Sep 7, 2005
A couple ideas

This sounds like a really fun idea! I would suggest doing the opening of having everyone say what their favorite product is, that way you get alot of different items to talk about and show and cross sell as well! Then I would demo the batter bowl cookie recipe so I could talk about all the products and cross sell and give directions all at once. Then let everyone give it a try. That way you have given yourself time to talk about products and everyone still has a fun time making the mix!

Have fun!