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Pampered Chef: Apple peeler/slicer/corer tip!

  1. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    I found this out the hard way, and had to learn from my director... the ONLY kinds of apples she will demonstrate with the A/P/S/C is granny smith! they should be crosp baking apples. MacIntosh will not peel well (I thought my tool was broken!).
    Oct 22, 2005
  2. Dear Susan,
    I was able to buy the Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer at a 2nd hand shop! The item did not come with any instructions. Is it possible that you could email me a copy?!!! Please let me know, I would appreciate it!
    [email protected]
    Jan 26, 2008
  3. RaggedyAunt

    RaggedyAunt Member Gold Member

    If you're a consultant, you can go to CC and go to the PIG (Product Info Guide) and print off the instructions there.
    Jan 27, 2008
  4. ltkacz

    ltkacz Guest

    I have peeled

    Virtually every type of apple with my apple/peeler/corer slicer - with no problem. The apple does need to be on the firmer side, but I've done MacIntosh apples a ton of times - no problem.
    Jan 27, 2008
  5. HockeyLover

    HockeyLover Member

    I was given one by a friend that is 13 years old! You should see the box! It appears to be in good condition, but I have yet to be able to make anything but applesauce with it, and I've only tried with Granny Smiths! I think I'll have to check out the product info. I'm wondering if it's missing a piece?
    Jan 27, 2008
  6. Mwalker

    Mwalker Member Gold Member

    I wonder if chilling the apples before using will help keep them firm?
    Anyway, I call mine the Apple/Peeler/Mangler thingie..... my director doesnt seem to appreciate that. lol
    Jan 27, 2008
  7. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    If it's really old, the blades may be dull. There are replacements on the replacement parts order form. It might be worth the couple of bucks to see if that fixes the problem.
    Jan 27, 2008
  8. JAE

    JAE Legacy Member

    My APCS is almost 13 years old and works fine. Large bulk apples sometimes don't work well because the core comes apart from the rest of the apple and turns while the rest of the apple does nothing. That has even happened when I use bulk Granny Smith.
    Jan 27, 2008
  9. legacypc46

    legacypc46 Senior Member Gold Member

    This is one of my favorite tools in the entire line...I love it for apples, but even more so for potatoes!
    Jan 27, 2008
  10. adyche


    Great use for the apples

    I sprinkle mine with cinnamon and then put them on the food dryer. The kids love them.
    Jan 28, 2008
  11. JackieBozeman

    JackieBozeman Member Gold Member

    I have never tried it for potatoes because I figure it won't peel them completely. Do you find some of the dimples in the potatoes leaves the skin on? Do you use all types of potatoes?
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Intrepid_Chef Legend Member Silver Member

    Mine has never worked well for me. When I became a consultant, I bought some Granny Smith and it mangled them. I do plan to order some replacement parts, since it is past warranty.

    Also NEVER put this thing in the dishwasher ... I think that's what dulled my blades.
  13. Chef Kearns

    Chef Kearns Legacy Member Gold Member

    I have to say this isn't one of my favortie products. I thought it would be when I got it because I LOVE to make apple pie, but I don't care for it at all. It is easier, faster and takes a whole lot less clean up for me to just peel and slice the apples myself.
    Jan 30, 2008
  14. climbercanoe3

    climbercanoe3 Member

    I love this product. So easy to use and clean. My kids love it! I have used it for a demo at a few fairs and people are always impressed. I used it for a dAisies project in the fall and made mini apple crisps using the prep bowls. The girls loved using it.
    I have never tried it with potatoes, I will definitely try now.
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