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Pampered Chef: Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

  1. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    I'm just getting in from a show tonight. One of the guests said that both she and her daughter have problems with the Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicers that they bought a while back. Apparently they use them for potatoes, and rather than peel the potatoe, the peeler does nothing but hold the potatoe, and/or apple, in place and the rod that the potato it on goes right through the potatoe.

    I'm not sure if I am describing this well, and you are able to picture what I am describing. She is wondering if she should maybe replace the blade. I let her know that I would look into it for her and get back to her. Any ideas?

    If she should replace the blade, can we order replacement blades? How? :confused:
    Jun 7, 2005
  2. dawn424383

    dawn424383 Member

    Has this been a problem since they first purchased the APCS or did it just start doing this? How long have they had their APCS? If it it less than 3 years, it is still under the guarantee. If they have had theirs longer, then maybe it is time for a new blade. They can be ordered through PP. Go to non-commision orders and click on replacement parts. There are two replacement blades for the APCS. One is the coring blade. The other is the peeling blade. You can scroll through on PP to find the numbers, or look them up in your Recipe for Success under the Replacement Parts Section. (I think it's section A - Products and Recipes - the very last page) Hope this helps! :)
    Jun 8, 2005
  3. chefloriray

    chefloriray Guest

    They may also need to do some adjusting of the blades...maybe they are not sitting close enough to the object to get a good cut on it? I know I have had to adjust mine before cause the screw that holds the blade on has loosened up before. There have been a couple of times that I have had to readjust my blades, etc on the APCS so it would work better. Have them to practice with it and adjust acordingly...I know I have had to do that in the past. Just some ideas to try...not sure if they will work or not.
    Jun 8, 2005
  4. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Thanks so much for the info and the ideas. I will give them a call and ask some questions to find out a bit more!
    Jun 10, 2005
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