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Recent content by Jammie

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    Mystery Host VP Setup

    I know this is too late, but I will post so others can see the answer. I set up a Mystery Host party in my husband's name with his email address. Then when I choose the winner, I just go and edit the party to add the new winner.
  2. J

    Facebook Party Outline

    This is a really nice party outline. Thank you for sharing!
  3. J

    Flyers with May Specials

    Thank you!
  4. J

    Uncle Ben's in Rice Cooker

    You can also do one box of Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice in the Ceramic Pasta Dish. It just fits. I used the microwave directions from the back of the box and put the silicone lid/colander on the top. Nothing boiled over and the rice was perfect.
  5. J

    Flyers with August

    Same here! That's a great image!
  6. J

    Soy Free substitute for Garlic Herb Rub in freezer workshop

    I have a guest that cannot have soy. The freezer meal workshop utilizes the Garlic Herb Rub in most of the recipes. Does anyone have a good substitute for this? I'm thinking maybe some garlic powder or fresh garli + Italian Seasoning? What do you all think? Thanks in advance, Jammie
  7. J

    New member

    Hello. I'm Jammie and I am on my second month with Pampered Chef. I found this group today while looking for ideas to promote the Help Whip Cancer fundraisers. I'm happy to learn from the group.