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Discussion in 'Pampered Partner' started by Jilleysue, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    Ok tonight I downloaded PP3 and personally I love it. It puts all your reminders right up on your screen up front. It tells you what is in progress and what is completed and so on. The hard part is you have to enter stuff in.

    For those of you having problems finding is on the PP CD but it is sort of hidden. The CD is going to automaticall install. After installing 16.0 thru the wise installer and completing staller, you must reboot your computer and then go to your "MY COMPUTER" icon, and open it up. Then go to your CD rom drive and right click. Once it is open you will the Pampered Partner Plus Software executable. You can then open it up and it should install for you. :D
  2. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    By the way, I really like it. It is pretty and more professional. Asks you for your ID and has the logo on there. Looks much nicer. I am all ready for a supply order, but Carolyn said not to sumbit anything I am waiting. She said to keep using PP to submit anything. I really really like P3. For those of you that hate change..just keep playing with it. You''ll like it to. WE have to get rid of some of that paper....LOL
  3. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    Oh by the way everyone...fabulous Kevin wants Credit for helping the P3...LOL. He wants his THUNDER!!! BLA BLA BLA...LMAO!
  4. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    I played around somemore with this. It is hard to add things at first too, but therer are pluses and minuses to add and delete. I was goiing crazy.
  5. mommyhugz1978

    mommyhugz1978 Gold Member

    OHOOO Lalala I love PP plus it is so nice looking :)
  6. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    Ohhhh OK SO YOU GOT IT...Isn't it great. Did I help you? or u just figured it out???
  7. I like it alot too. I played around with it yesterday. I actually did submit a supply order on it and will be submitting a show tonight. I loved the fact that it sends you an email confirmation. That is awesome.
  8. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    This might be a stupid question (okay - probably is a stupid question) but - When I install PP+, does it erase my regular PP program? I would like to have both of them for a while- but wondered if I can have them both on the same computer?
  9. Thanks Kevin (and Jill) for giving us the info.

    I think I love it.

    It is moving so slowly.

    It is me or what?

    Do we have to have internet connection every time we open it?

    I just installed it about 1 hour ago and I have wireless internet on my laptop.

    Thanks for helping us

  10. MY HUSBAND (!!!) was so excited he could hardly wait to install PP3... I told him there were changes, honestly he was excited... I got my changeover box about 20 minutes before I had to leave for a show...he always loads my car up ...and I was saying..."PLEASE do that after I leave!!!'' LOL
    But it looks the same...i don't see any differences..and he was disappointed...LOL...
    I don't know how to get to the new part? It looks the same...
    Maybe he didn't reboot the computer?
    I'll have to show him this thread when he's home from work.
  11. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    No it doesn't erase, you should have both icons on there. You can submit using both, but Carolyn advised me to continue to sumbit using PP instead of P3 right now. Mine isn't slow at all but I have fast internet connection. I don't know if that makes a difference.
  12. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    It automatically installs the update to PP, not P3. There was another thread somewhere that gave explicit instructions how to install P3. You'll need to open the file on the CD that's called pamperedpartnerplusinstall.exe (or something like that). That will install it for you.
  13. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    Here it is again for ya'll. :D :D :D
  14. Is it safe to use? I thought I read somewhere else where they were asking us to hold off installing it/using it until all the bugs were worked out? Did I misunderstand something?
  15. From what I understand it is safe to install (it has kinks, not viruses or anything) and we can play with it, but we aren't supposed to submit until we are sure that we want to switch. You can import your reg PP info into P3, but you can't import P3 info back into PP if you wanted to switch back.

    I had fun playing with it and wanted to be familiar with it because new consultants only get P3... and I have 4 super starters!
  16. jasonmva

    jasonmva Silver Member

    I remember someone asking on a different thread if PP3 will only work if you have an internet connection up and running. A majority of my hosts do not have a wireless router in their homes. I have one so that is why I submit my shows when I get there. I haven't played with it yet but I may go ahead and download the new CD that was in the changeover kit just to see.
  17. Does anyone know about the internet connection? I was hoping that P3 would always work, but you could only download or submit while online. My connection is touchy and I have to reset the whole router everytime I disconnect, or I would disconnect my internet and check!
  18. quiverfull7

    quiverfull7 Gold Member

    Okay... I"ve installed and rebooted and redid that and went to My Computer and followed your instructions JillySue but all I've seen happen is the update to the existing program... I do not have an additional icon or a separate program which is what I expected. What am I doing wrong?
  19. I just went to my computer, right clicked on the PP cd, and chose explore. It opened a folder that had the PP+ logo, then I clicked on that and it installed.
  20. Jilleysue

    Jilleysue Silver Member

    You can update to the existing, but you will still have both icons on your icon. You will have 16.0 and the new P3. That way you can play around with both. Yes you do need internet but honestly do you want internet at someones house. YOu wouldn't want to transmit until you get home and make sure everything is correct. Tranmitting would be the only reason you would want internet I would think right...Other wise you can get in to P3 and log everything. Am I wrong? What else would you need internet for?
  21. jasonmva

    jasonmva Silver Member

    But I thoughtI read that the PP# program was also somehow connected to CC so that you could look up past host numbers and stuff if you or they did not have them?
  22. quiverfull7

    quiverfull7 Gold Member

    Okay... I don't want to mess anything up here so I"m really bugging you ... sorry in advance... I found out hot to start to finish the install... do I click to "import" or to "skip" on the question about the PP Path?
  23. When you go to My Computer and click on it and then click on your CD Rom Drive you will see something about Pampered Partner Plus. It will try to install PP hit cancel and click on the P+ installation icon.

    Try it out and let us know if you are still having problems.
  24. Don't forget in case you took the CD out to put it back in your CD Rom Drive. I am not trying to be a smart a** but sometimes it happens.
  25. I missed your reply before I sent my message--great news! I hit import so I could see what I had on PP to review.
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