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Theme Show Wording for Shower Invitation

Discussion in 'Shows, Fundraisers and Booths' started by pamperedchef_OK_LA_MS, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. I do not have any of the PC invitations right now, but I like the wording. I have a shower coming up and the host wants to use the wording on the PC invitations, but order her own invitations. HELP ME!!

    Will someone type the wording on here, so I can give it to the host? THANKS
  2. Nobody out there has a PC shower invitation???
  3. Chef Ritz

    Chef Ritz Member

    I am at my full time right now, but when I get home I will type them for you. I just got my today.
    Apr 26, 2007
  4. Oh... Thank You! Thank You!!:d :d :d
  5. nicki25

    nicki25 Advanced Member Silver Member

    This isn't what is on the PC invites but I got this from a Director friend and I use it for all my bridal shower invites,

    (change the names to the bride and groom's name)

    Kenny and Hilliary are about to be wed.
    After the wedding, Kenny needs to be fed!
    Pampered Chef makes cooking a delight-
    Hilliary wants every PC tool in sight!
    So we've planned a shower and a party, too.
    To make shopping for them easy for you!
    We'll do some cooking so she sees first hand
    Some of the fastes ways to cook in the land.
    No shopping or wondering what to do,
    Hilliary will love PC gifts from you!
    Orderings easy at the end of the show
    You pick the gift and the way to go--
    Credit card, personal check, or cash,
    Your gift for her will make a big splash!
    She benefits from your personal order, too
    As Hostess credits bring her FREE gifts from you!!
    It's fun for all and you won't have to go shopping
    For Kenny and Hilliary's cupboards to be popping
    With wonderful tools to cure kitchen trouble
    And Hilliary can feed Kenny--on the double!!

    :) :)
    Apr 26, 2007
  6. Chef Ritz

    Chef Ritz Member

    I got the invitation, but I'm not sure it is what you want, but this is what the ones I have say on them

    It's More Than A Bridal Shower -
    It's a Unique Experience From The Pampered Chef
    There is no need to bring a gift!
    You are invited to watch great recipes being prepared with quality kitchen tools, and learn wonderful cooking tips and techniques. Then, you can select a gift for the bride and groom ... and perhaps something for yourself as well!

    Hosted by:

    Please respond as soon as possible so I can plan my Show. If you're unable to attend, please contact me for the bride's gift wish list.

    We'd like to start the bride out with a recipe collection from family and friends, so please fill out the recipe card with one of your favority recipes and bring it to the Show. See you there!
    Apr 26, 2007
  7. I absolutely love the little poem!!!! I may tweek it, but I love it!!!

    Thanks for posting... both of you!!!
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