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Website question

May 31, 2005
I was wondering how to do my own website. What are the costs and do you get someone that knows about computers to do it for you etc? Is it really hard to get started and for those of you that have one have you found it to be beneficial as getting more business from it? Any help in this I would deeply appreciate!
Thanks Again-
Whitney from Callie


Jul 6, 2005

the only PC web site we are allowed to have is the one they offer through PC.
You can find it in consultants corner , i just got mine for 6 months for $42.00, well worth it i had it 2 days and got a $70.00 order. It is very easy to set up it walks you through it! A very wise investment for your buisness !!


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May 18, 2005

I've had mine since they've been available, and it's a breeze to set up. You can get creative and do your own typing, or pick and choose from options given to you by PC. The program really does walk you right through it.

Most of my hosts use my website to send out e-invitations and manage their guest list. I haven't gotten any "blind" hits from it, but it makes outside orders easier to manage, as guests can order right from the site.

I definitely recommend getting it, but make sure you advertise it, too (business cards, bottom of your catalogs and invitations).

Good luck!