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Trouble with Downloads on CCorner


Novice Member
Jul 22, 2005
Is anyone else having a problem getting the Downleads off of the Consultants Corner? I am trying to download and print the guest special for September and it just will not work. I started trying last night and it still isn't working for me today. Just curious to know if it is just a problem with my computer connection (wouldn't be the first time!) or if it is a glitch on the site.


Apr 20, 2005
While we're on the subject of computer glitches, whenever I open a file attachment, it says it is only available for "read-only". It never used to be that way. Did I reset something on my computer by accident that caused this, or did we change something on this site? And, if it is something I did, can someone help me undo it?

Dawn Trudell
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN