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Time off for maternity?


Silver Member
Nov 15, 2005
In the UK you have to submit a show every two months to stay active. What will this mean when I want a few months off for a new baby?

oh, and I'm pregnant again!

(EDD Dec 20)


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Feb 17, 2006
Congrats on the new baby...I have Dec 13th kids, rough with the holidays but still very fun!

Here in the states we can submit a sales waiver, not sure how long it's for but it should get you through until you can start up again. I started my business when my twins were 6 weeks old, I found that I needed that away time at the shows.


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Sep 13, 2005
I know you posted ....

a long time ago...but better late than never! I have not been logging in everyday...trying to spend more time on money-generating activities! And no matter how much I love this site...I can't justify it as money-generating!:D

I went through maternity last year when my son was born on April 19th. The best thing that I ever did was decided when I wanted to return to PC and schedule shows for then. I took 8 weeks off.:p

I begged, pleaded and borrowed for my friends and family to do catalog shows for me while I was on maternity leave.;) ..guess what it worked! I never took a leave of absence...ended up with $3000+ for April...$1000+ for May and $2000+ for June!

So decide what you want now and go get it!

Good luck with your baby!