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Director Talk me down from the ledge!!!


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Jul 18, 2007
I have been going round and round with this host! I am at my wits end!!!!! She was originally unhappy because she calculated her 25% discount BEFORE the free product and ended up spending more than she wanted to, I offered to work with her on her order she said no it was fine. THEN as soon as she got the order she decided to return an item. I got it taken care of. Then she texts me and tells me the refund is wrong so I called her and explained it. It was the night before my kids started school and I ended up having to get off because we were getting no where. So I emailed her her receipt AND a long explanation of her host benefits and how they do the totals and discounts. I also told her that I always strive to make my hosts happy and if she had additional questions I gave her the PC #. Didn't hear anything for 3 days figured we were done, I just got this email today.......

The first 4 items on the sales receipt I received discounts (50% and 60%) on and paid the balance $119.45 plus tax.

The next 15 items (Outdoor Party Sticks through the Chipotle Rub) are at full price. This is because of the Free Product value can’t be used with the 25% discount.
Total Product: $ 284.75
Free Product Value: $ 240.00

$ 44.75 (remainder due for 15 items)
$ 11.19 25% discount total on the $ 44.75 - 15 items = .75 discount on each item

I understand why they do it this way. What I don’t agree with is the company taking 25% off the full amount of the one returned product; I didn’t get 25% off that full price. I only received .75 cents off it.

This is what I should have been credited: $ 39.00
- .75 (discount)
$ 38.25
+ 2.49 (tax)

The way it was calculated, Pampered Chef just lowered my discount to .032% discount ($ 1.44). Just because I’m returning one item doesn’t mean I should lose the 25% discount on the remaining items I received.

If you do not have the authority to approve this, please let me know who I need to contact.

I have NEVER had a host act like this. Does any of what she wrote even make sense to you???????????? I am really good with math and it doesn't even make any sense to me at all. I don't know what to say to her. The worst part is we really got along when planning her show and during her show and I had a bunch of booking leads from her pary:yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck:


Looks like you will need to itemize it for her
item #1 $xx-Free ($240-$xx= $yy)
item #2 $xx-Free ($yy-$xx=$zz)etc. until you get to the item that finish the $240 in free products. Then,
Item #9 $aa-25%+= $bb
Item #10 $cc-25%=$dd etc. Then,
explain to her that she returned __item, blah blah blah.


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Jan 21, 2005
Tell her that you are sorry you aren't able to make her understand how it works and sometimes it's easier for someone else to explain (you know like your husband makes no sense telling you something and someone else says the same thing and you get it) so here's the number for PC customer service...

...and let THEM deal with her illogical logic. SMH


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Mar 26, 2008
Without seeing her receipt, I can only guess what she's doing... but based on her $0.75 per item comment, I'm guessing she's averaging the discount per item ... and still including the free items in the count.

She needs to understand that Pampered Chef has to figure out what she would have paid without that item on her order, then reimburse her the difference from what she paid with the item on the order. ;)

But I agree, sometimes it helps them to hear the same thing phrased differently from a new person. So if you try to explain it, your best bet is to probably make it clear that your explanation is just your understanding on how the process works, and that she might feel better hearing Pampered Chef's explanation since you are not involved in the return process and have no formal training by PC on their accounting procedures. ;)


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Jul 18, 2007
Thanks everyone! Beth I used wording similar to yours to tell her to deal directly with PC from here. Unfortunately I have a feeling that this will affect my bookings from her show but at this point there is nothing I can do.

Also this is the original explanation I sent her BEFORE I got the email above. I had my husband read it over the weekend and he said it made sense to him and seemed like I was pretty clear.

Order Totals
Product Total 284.75 (this is everything except your half price and host special.)
-Free Product Value 240.00

SubTotal 44.75 (this total includes the party sticks and additional items)

- Discount(25%) 11.19

SubTotal 33.56 This is what you payed for the above order.

+ Half Price Total 97.25 (4 half price items)
+ Monthly Host Special 22.20 (MFP)

+ tax 9.95

Final Total = 162.96

You paid for the party sticks $39.00 - 25% ($9.75)= $29.25 +6.5% tax ($1.90) Total amount paid for the party sticks $31.15. That is what your refund should have been.


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Oct 28, 2004
She could also look at it in the reverse. She paid $33.56 for 15 items. That means she paid only $2.24 for each item. So using her logic she should only receive $2.24 back as a refund.

We gave her a free shopping spree of $240. Anything that went over the shopping spree she got a discount of 25% off. If she returns an item, she does not get the full price back, because she did not pay the full price only 75% of the full price. I am assuming that after the return she still had $240 in free products. I recently had a host who thought she could use her ½-priced items at one of the parties I booked from hers. I give all of my hosts a hand out telling them exactly what they get, but some don’t listen and take the time to understand it. I am sorry you are going through this, but sometimes you just cannot beat it into them.