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Pampered Chef: Stuff For Sale!!

  1. Trishcooks

    Trishcooks Guest


    Make me an offer!

    Email [email protected] Oshawa, Ontario

    Shipping is extra. From Ontario,Canada. You can pick it up if you live near Oshawa!

    medium show-to-go bag (fits ON the one with wheels)
    pampered partner order forms
    show order forms
    host information sheets (several packs of these)
    write-in sales receipts
    disposable gloves (medium)
    Pizza Cutter

    Free - Cd selling product collections
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    Feb 1, 2006
  2. Marg

    Marg Advanced Member

    Sent you an email!
    I would like the
    postcards invites
    oven mitt
    hand soap

    Feb 1, 2006
  3. Trishcooks

    Trishcooks Guest

    Hi Marg,

    got your email and replied. Did you get my email? I also have the show to go bags for sale. Let me know if you're interested.

    Feb 1, 2006
  4. Marg

    Marg Advanced Member

    Got your email and I replied. :)

    I already have the three show to go pieces - don't think I can justify yet another bag to hubby! LOL!
    Feb 1, 2006
  5. Trishcooks

    Trishcooks Guest

    hi Marg,

    no problem! My hubby would think that way too! See you tomorrow to pick up your stuff!

    Feb 1, 2006
  6. Trishcooks

    Trishcooks Guest

    postcard invitations are sold

    oven mitt is sold

    hand soap is sold
    Feb 1, 2006
  7. Molly Jo

    Molly Jo Member Gold Member

    Show to go

    Can you tell me how much you want for the show to go items?
    Feb 1, 2006
  8. Hi there

    Do you have any catalogues left? I live in Ajax and would be willing to come and pick them up from you. Along with price lists..... this would be the Fall Catalogue and Price List.

    Feb 3, 2006
  9. Any items still left??
  10. kcjodih

    kcjodih Legacy Member Gold Member

    This thread is 3 years old. I'm pretty sure her items are gone by now ;)
    Feb 6, 2009
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