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Southern parties?


Jul 5, 2005
Since I now live in the south, are there themes or parties ppl have tried that work best down here? I thought about the obvious sweet tea and putting some lemon zest in it..

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
I don't live in the south right now but I used to. I haven't been a PC consultant down south but I can imagine any theme shows would work. I just know people down south are known for their hospitality and just like to have company over. Here is a list of theme shows and some possible recipes that could go along with them. Maybe it will help give you some ideas.


  • Theme Show Recipe Ideas.doc
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Novice Member
Jul 11, 2005
I'm a southern girl living in Hawaii.....I miss the south!
How about....
fried green tomatoes (a great chance to use the US & G and cookware)


Novice Member
Jul 14, 2005
Use that to your advantage !

Go with what the south is famous for - Georgia peaches, Virginia Peanuts - and all the Barbeque you can lick your fingers for ! Florida - Key Lime, Pecans from the Carolinas - its ENDLESS ! But if you really need some inspiration, check out recipes by Paula Deen on the Food Network. She is as south as it gets !



Apr 2, 2005
Im from the south

Hey Angie! I have actually had luck having things that "arent" normally associated with the south. I think where I am at ppl want a change from the same things we always eat. At my last show I did the Tropical Dream Trifle and the Cheeseburger Ring. There was NONE of it left and that tropical dream trifle makes ALOT :) everyone went back for seconds and thirds until it was all gone. I have also made the Lemon Herb Chicken Ring and got wonderful feedback on it.; its also another one that no one leaves any of. And of course there is the strawberry cheesecake microwave cake that is WONDERFUL! And it doesnt heat the house up which is a BIG PLUS here in the south. It also really promotes the fluted stoneware pan that is $26.50 ;) I have orders for 2 of those on my last show alone already and my hostess said she is going to order one too simply to be able to cook a cake in the microwave and not have to heat up the house baking. I have had my last 3 hosts order one after making a cake in it, and also telling them how to make the best chicken in the world by impaling it on the middle and basting it in olive oil and our rosemary seasoning . All of them have made the chicken on it since recieving their pan and LOVE it. The best thing to do is think COOL and quick to fix so you arent in the kitchen for a lengthy time; especially in the summer. :) HTH some. BTW how are you coming along? Did you ever get your kit? Good Luck!