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Software for managing PC business

Nov 27, 2005
I was trying to find a better way to manage my business, and I had a friend of mine develop this software for me. He made it for me, however it is generic enough that it could be used for any small or home-based business. There are other software packages out there, but this does all of the same things, and is much less expensive ($15.00)

You can find the software on a couple of shareware sites (Winsite) in case you want to compare to others.

The software is called "My Small Business". It is a simple to use, database application. Here are some key features:

Customer recordkeeping
Inventory management that is automatically updated with sales
Create and print orders
Track sales and expenses by date range
Email order confirmation directly to your client
Customize by setting your own tax & shipping rates
Sort orders by customer or date

I actually will bring my laptop to a party, and it will create the orders, and keep track of inventory right there!

Here is a link to the website. It will tell you more about the features, and it has a free download of the demo program.


Good luck!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
It sounds like this is pretty much what Pampered Partner does for us, which we get for FREE in our Starter Kit. Plus, we don't keep an inventory, so I'm not sure what you mean by inventory management. For those of you who don't use Contact Management in Pampered Partner, I strongly recommend it!! It gives you a "tickler report" each day as to who you've entered to contact and you can categorize it based on what purpose you'd be contacting them about. It's a great way to manage your calls and follow ups to your customers! :)