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you can get help from friends, co-workers, flyers in local grocery stores, door to door flyers, etc. to get started. The best time to start your business is any time. The company offers great incentives like a trip to Vienna or a cruise in the Carribean every year for those that reach certain sales goals.
:p Hi everyone!!!

I have been tossing around the idea of becoming a PC consultant and am seriously considering signing up soon. I am curious if someone could answer some questions I have….
1) How much upfront cost is required?
2) How do products get shipped (do I have to deliver them or do they get shipped directly to the customer)?
3) How much does an average consultant take home on a paycheck per a show (a new consultant and a typical show)?
4) How are you measured for success?
5) How do you start your business if you don’t have family to jump start things?
6) What time of year is best to start?

I am from a sale background and am hoping to supplement my day job with something fun!!! Also, I want to pay cash for a new car and need a little extra kick to the wallet. I am fun, spirited and love to present so I expect that I will be successful but I am still nervous.

Thanks so much for any insite you can provide…
Megan :rolleyes:
Some helpfull answers I hope!Hey SnappiGirl74,
I hope I can help you.
1) $90 will start you off. That is the cost of the "kit". This will include demo products, paperwork, catalogs, Pampered Partner(our PC based sales program) and other things to help you get going.
2) Products will normally be shipped to the host of the show. You will only need to make sure they get the warranty info to put in with each guest order as the host will do the sorting and bagging.
3) We have a step up commission base. You will start at 20%. At different monthly sales totals you will go up from there. $750 goes to 22%, $1250 goes to 23%. At $15,000 in career sales your base goes to 22%. If I am correct our current average show is $450. That would mean $90 per show. Two shows of course changes that to $900 at 22% so... There will be a deduction as well of $2 for insurance. When you walk into a host's home, you are covered for accidents!
4) You set your goals. Therefore the only person you answer to is you. It is what you make of it. Of course the company offers great incentives like this year it is a trip to Vienna or a cruise in the Carribean at about $64000 in sales for a year. (Jan 1 to Dec 31 I believe). You are also promoted when you recruite and get pay raises, free products and such. We have a national conferenc ein Chicago each year. There are many ways to be celebrated by the company and the other consultants for all acheivments. It is a blast as well as very informative as there are all sorts of seminars to attend to help you grow your business.
5) To start, friends, co-workers, flyers in local grocery stores, door to door flyers, all sorts of things work. Fairs, expositions are all possible show and recruite lead areas.
6) Any time is OK. The Pampered Chef now offers us such great monthly host specials and our product line is becoming household knowledge that you should be able to take off at any time.
I sure hope that helps you. You have definately thought about this as you have the right questions. If you need more, feel free to contact me if you wish. I would be more than happy to help you out. And if you do not currently have a recruiter, I would be more than happy to help there to.
When we add shows or people to our number, we grow and grow and grow!
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Its a wonderful opportunity!

The cost can vary--I always tell my potential consultants they can get their kit down to $50 if theybook a show. The regular cost is $90 (plus tax) but if you were to use your dollars earned at a Show you can get it down to $50.

All products are delivered straight to the customer/host. That is another thing that is great isbecause we have no deliveries.

The typical average show is about $400-$450 at our average. It can be more or less. My average show is about $560 and I have been at this for 3 years and now I am a Director in Newport News, VA. I have given myself a raise and made a $1099 paycheck in 1 month by doing 6 Kitchen Shows. Just depends on how much you want to make.

Its your business so no one measures you. If you want to do 1 show a month or 10 shows a month, it is up to you and only you. You actually work for yourself but not by yourself.

If you don't have family that's okay. You have neighbors, your have a doctor's recptionist, you may have a significant other's co-workers, and yeah, your co-workers too if you work outside the home. That is something you and your recruiter and/or Director can help with on ideas.

I work full-time (50 hrs/week) play billiards on a league 2x a week and have 3 kids in college and do this for fun!!!!

I hope you do join!!! If you need to sign up with someone, let me know. I am currently training 8 people on my team with the great business and would love to have you join me!
I just wanted add this as it's a little different if you are in Canada - and I figured if someone else was searching for info, it might come in useful.

Cost of Starter Kit
2 kits are available in Canada - the Super Starter Kit and the Ultimate Kit (see attached flyer)
Super Starter Kit contains $600+ of product and business supplies for $150
Ultimate Kit contains $900+ of product and business supplies for $250.
If you host a show before you sign, you can recieve a kit credit worth $25 or $50 depending on your show sales.

Shipment of Products
The show order usually gets shipped to the host unless you or the host want it to go somewhere else

Average Shows
The average show is $450 - $500 and the minimum commission is 20%. So for an average show, the minimum commission is $90-$100. So you make back your initial investment with one show. My show average is about $750 and get an average of 25% commission, so I typically earn $187.50 per show. I will celebrate my one year anniversary with the Pampered Chef this month. :)
The commission rate that you earn each month is based on the total commissionable sales that you submit that month. This means that when you increase your sales, you increase your commission rate as well. When you reach $20,000 in commissionable career sales, you will receive a 2 percent commission increase. Here’s a chart:

Monthly sales/Commission /Commission After $20,000 reached
$1-$849/ 20%/ 22%
850-1499 /22% /24%
1500-3499/ 23%/ 25%
3500-4999 /24%/ 26%
5000 and above/ 25%/ 27%

You also receive commission overrides as you build your team.

The Pampered Chef is very generous to it's consultants. We recieve recognition from our Directors and from the Home Office. We have monthly cluster meetings and our top performers are recognized. Home office also sends out congratulations as milestones are reached.
In your first three months of business, or your Super Starter months, there are 3 levels of bonus for you to achieve and to help motivate you to get your business off to a great start
Bonus 1 is achieved by submitting $1000 in commissioable sales, about 2 shows, in your first 30 days. When you achieve this, you receive a package of product
Bonus 2 is achieved when you submit $2000 more in commissioable sales (total of $3000) anytime in your first 90 days. You recieve a package of products.
Bonus 3 is achieved when you submit $2000 more in commissionable sales (total of $5000) in your first 90 days.
We also have The Super Starter Plus bonus program in Canada - submit $10,000 in sales in your first 9 months, get a package of products. Submit $15,000 in your first 9 months, get another package of products.
There are also jewellry and trip incentives as wel.
Each month a newsletter, The Kitchen Consultant News (or KCN) goes out and top performers are recognized in it.
Having family and friends around to help is a nice thing, but not neccesssary. Think about all the people you interact with on any given day - the grocery store clerk, the bank teller, your hairdresser, your Dr/dentists office...
Any time of the year is great to start - right now you have the advantage of marketing to people who are looking for holiday gift giving ideas.


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What is "Ready to Join....i Think?"

"Ready to Join....i Think?" is a program offered by Pampered Chef that allows individuals to become independent consultants and start their own business selling Pampered Chef products.

How do I sign up for "Ready to Join....i Think?"

To sign up for "Ready to Join....i Think?", you can visit the Pampered Chef website and click on the "Join Us" tab. From there, you can fill out the application and follow the steps to become a consultant.

What are the benefits of joining "Ready to Join....i Think?"

There are many benefits to joining "Ready to Join....i Think?" as a Pampered Chef consultant. These include the ability to earn income, flexible work hours, discounts on Pampered Chef products, and the opportunity to connect with other consultants and customers.

Do I need to have previous sales experience to join "Ready to Join....i Think?"

No, you do not need to have previous sales experience to join "Ready to Join....i Think?" as a Pampered Chef consultant. The program provides training and support to help you succeed in your business.

Is there a cost to join "Ready to Join....i Think?"

Yes, there is a cost to join "Ready to Join....i Think?" as a Pampered Chef consultant. The current cost is $109, which includes your starter kit with products and business supplies. There may also be additional fees for optional training and events.

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