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Pampered Chef: Question about Website Payment

  1. I just subscribed for my own website (YAY!). I did this last week sometime. My question is this - I paid for it using my PC Debit card. As of now the funds still haven't been taken from my account. I know that with a show, they wait at least 4 business days to remove the funds. Is it the same when you use the card to pay for your website? I'm just asking because I tend to get nervous when things don't come out right away because I'm always of the mindset that things aren't REALLY paid for until the $ is gone from my account - kind of ridiculous I know, but I can't help it!
  2. priscilla

    priscilla Guest

    Don't Worry

    ...they will take your money! It does take a little while for the money to be taken out, but your website is up and running.

    I wonder sometimes if they wait to actually remove the money for the 3-day cooling off period that many states have (3 days to change your mind). I assume it is a lot easier to do it this way than try to replace money into an account.

    Oct 9, 2005
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