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Placed a Newspaper Ad


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Apr 18, 2006
I placed a newspaper ad for this last weekends local papers and one was for my June specials and the other for our wedding registry. BOTH.. listed my web site incorrect aaaauggh!!!! :eek:
I feel like I have a black cloud over my head!
I am calling them tomorrow and insisting they rerun it next week at no cost to me!
Anyone else ever ran an ad and got any bookings from it? :confused:


Feb 1, 2006
I have tried running a classfied a few times before. I got one booking, a order (over a $100) and about 5 send me a catalog but nothing ever came of those.

I have thought about running a bigger ad rather than one in the classfieds to see if that would work better. Has anyone tired that?


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Jul 7, 2005
be sure to abide

Double-check your PC advertising guidelines so you don't get into hot water. Probably you're fine, but careful of making any claims or wording.


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May 6, 2005
Yes, you are able to advertise in the newspaper as long as guidelines are followed. Here is the policy on newspaper advertising:

"Consultants may place paid advertisements in local, community and national newspapers; town newsletters; Chambers of Commerce or other business organizations’ publications; school, church or county fair programs, flyers, etc.; and in local and national magazines.

In all advertisements, identify yourself as an Independent Consultant rather than as the company or one of its employees. See Title/Identification guidelines.

If you are providing information to a newspaper or magazine for possible (i.e., unpaid for) coverage or inclusion in a story, refer to the separate policy on publicity."


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Feb 17, 2006
Definately call the paper and have them re-run the ad, if you caught the mistake within their time frame then they should run it again at no charge to you.


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Apr 18, 2006
Nope, I followed all the rules!
Also one paper said they would re-run the ad, for my June/July Specials.
That one read;

The Pampered Chef (The logo copied from the web site)
Dollar Days!
Book a Catalog or Cooking Show
in June or July
Get your pick of selected items.
For the price of the day!
Call for details!
Suzi Que
Independent Consultant

and the other one was for a bridal section and read;

The Pampered Chef (the logo copied from the web site)
Discover the Chef in You!
Call today to register for
quality kitchen tools or
schedule a Pampered Chef
Wedding Shower and earn
FREE Products!
Suzi Que
Pampered Chef Consultant . 555-555-1212

This one went in a Wedding Directory in the local paper in town.

so there you have it .


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Dec 1, 2005
I agree about asking them to re-run it at no charge. You paid for the ad and you should be able to reap the benefits. I am glad that they agreed to re-run it. At least your phone number was in it though, so it isn't a total loss this week. Also, great idea about the wedding directory!