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Pc Bridal Shower combined w/other registries?


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Mar 8, 2006
Help! I have my first bridal shower, but the host asked if people could bring gifts from the bride's other registries if they wanted because the bride is afraid this will be her only shower. Of course, I said we could make it work because there will be people there and people mean potential hosts, etc. ;)

However, I'm not sure how to go about this. Has anyone ever done this or have ideas on how to make this work? I've gotten lots of great ideas from this website, so I'm thinking surely somebody can help.


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Jan 19, 2006
are they using our shower invitations?

At the showers I've held, there are always a few people who bring their own gifts. If you are using the P-Chef shower invites, most people will place an order at your show.

I hope your Host doesn't want to put cards for other stores in your invitations.:(

Maybe you could suggest that they create a sheet of the other places the couple is registered to distribute at the end of the shower. Then, people would know where they could purchase wedding gifts.


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Nov 9, 2005
I'm not sure how much lead time you have, but this worked for me, at my
niece's party, last June. Before the Shower, she selected Pampered Chef products she wanted, and gave me the list. I e-mailed or called the out-of-town family members on her invitation list, told them what she wanted, with the prices, and six of them made their choices in time for me to order the gifts, have them shipped to Wilmington, DE where they did not have to pay a sales tax (a real savings for those of us who normally pay 8% where we live). Her sister received the shipment, as the party host. I went down for the party. Sorted the order, and her sister wrapped the gifts to take to the party. Her sister gave all the hostess benefits to our Bride to be, and she had all the little items on her list, FREE from Pampered Chef. So, she opened
seven Pampered Chef gifts in front of her family and friends. I took a photo that you can see on my website, if I am permitted to give that to you:
www.pamperedchef.biz/grandmarita To access the photo, go to my NEWS section. You will be able to view my lovely niece. What a great model she would make!
After the Shower, one of her bride's maids was getting married, and asked to be given a Pizza Lover's Set just like my niece received at her shower. I was thrilled that spin off sale happened as a result of our Bridal Shower.
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