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New F/W "write-in" sales receipt



Being new at PC, when the choice came out between the 2 types of sales receipts for F/W '05 (in Canada) I thought I would try something different and go with the write in type. I chose it because I liked the wish list portion and I knew I could make that work in a show. Well, to make a long story short, I HATE the new receipts. The show was good, the wish list sheet was great, but when I did the write in receipt with the customer, the warranty isn't on the receipt! I had to look up each item manually, and write it in for each and every item! I use the warranty as a sales tool, the customer really needs it on their final receipt. So, now I have to print out PP sales receipts for everyone. Basically I paid for sales receipts, AND now I also have to use PP receipt at the same time. That's 2 receipts that I paid for - for each Kithcen show customer!

:mad: :confused: :( Karen
Feb 16, 2005
I never

thought about the warranty - perhaps they could put the warranty # on the item on the wish list? I'm going to email a request to support services to suggest this. It is something new & they obviously have to work out a few gliches.

It is nice to have the choice, I haven't used the new order forms. I have photocopied the wish list for my customers to write on during the show. Then I fill the reciept out at tally time. I doesn't take very long, I actually use the time at the end to chat individually with customers, upping my average per customer sale by $30 and getting 3 or more bookings a show this way. I've only started doing this since mid August, so my calender is finally starting to get where I want it.



Warranties are on the Wish List

Since the warranties are on the wish list, just make sure the guest takes that as well as their receipt. Put their wish list items that they did not purchase into PP with a quantity of 0; that way, you kow what they are wishing for but can give the sheet back to them. Staple it to the write in form.