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Pampered Chef: Need help on a response

  1. kam

    kam Legacy Member Staff Member

    OK, I really can't even believe this...

    I need help coming up with a response!

    I have a co-worker who I introduced to PC a year or so ago - she bought a ton of stuff, had a catty show. I got bookings from it and that booking thread is still viable, etc etc.

    She had a Cooking Show booked with me for July. But about 2-3 weeks before the show, she changed jobs in our company to one that she works from home. She cancelled the show since she was concerned about not being here physically and getting people to come. I was very understanding about it - since I figured it also might be a combination of going on vacation the next week then starting her new responsibilities basically the week of the show.

    Today I walked into work and there on my desk was AN INVITATION TO HER PAMPERED CHEF SHOW!!!!

    Apparently she is using another consultant - which that is really not the issue here. Whatever.

    1. Why invite another PC consultant (knowing she is a consultant) in the first place.
    2. But would you really invite YOUR consultant?

    Please help me come up with a good response to this. I would like to somehow address the issue that she has gone with another consultant - but yet felt the need to invite me. I actually think this is quite rude - and I would like to get across (diplomatically) that she should not have invited me.

    Any ideas??
    Nov 5, 2009
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