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Nancy Artwork stuff


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Nov 3, 2005
I will get these items shipped the cheapest way possible and as soon as I receive your money. These prices do not include s&h!


105 Bridal Shower Invitations $6.00

25 Dates to remember $1.00

10 Happy Birthday .50

10 Congratulations on a teriffic start .50

15 You're off to a terrific start .50

10 What an achievement .50


Come to my Kitchen Show-Help Whip Cancer- These are small stickers and are pink and blue....very very cute!!! 68 stickers $1.50

Attendence=Success-More is the secret! 119 stickers for only $2.50

Success is only 40 invitations away- 144 stickers for only $4.00

15 Sneak A Peak- .25

15 gift certificate available stickers- .25

Calendar Reminders for 20 shows- $2.50

48- I Love referrals! $1.50

19 Stoneware warranty stickers- .25
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Feb 14, 2006
Tiffany, I am interested in the calendar stickers and the stoneware warranty stickers. I know its not much, but I have all the other things I think. Oh, I might take the dates to remember cards too. I think all of that is $3.75? Let me know if you still have those things left and I can mail you a check or pay with PayPal right away. Thanks! ~Kristen

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