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My First Fundraiser BOMBED



It was for a friend who is VERY involved in her church. I sent out 50 postcard invitations and printe 80 more that she asked for to give out. I bought 100 extra catalogs and 200 extra order forms. I spent $60 on food to cook so there would be enough food for the 40-50 people she said were going to be there. There were 12. We're extending it one more week after the show (this past Saturday) so she can hopefully get some outside orders from people in the church and their friends. The sales so far are $455. That would have been good had this been a kitchen show, but this was a fundraiser and she was expecting to easily sell $2000. I did get 4 bookings from the show, but get this: they're all doing them as fundraisers for the same church and 3 of them are in June because they all want the Woven stuff! I'm trying to get one to switch to May. If I qualify for my SS month one, I get a free round woven piece and I'm going to give her the option to buy it from me in May instead of waiting until June so she can get it. The other one is in September, when the new products come out. She did that specifically so they could see the new stuff.
I'm so frustrated. I really hope they can get some outside orders. Now, my goal is to get them to $600. I even put an outside order I got from work and from my mom towards the sales to get them up to $455.
I guess the redeeming part is that I do have 4 more fundraisers banked and all the people who came used their wish lists and plan on ordering something from each show, so I should be consistent with the sales.
I just wanted to vent. Thanks all for listening! I absolutely love this board. I hope one day to be half as helpful as everyone else is.
Thank you!
Oct 27, 2005
I have a question

If they are doing it as a fundraiser for the Church they do not get the specials?? I did a FR and no specials were awarded. Am I missing something??

I am pretty new at this, so that is why I am asking.


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
the head person is allowed the hostess special only not the discounts or free stuff