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Morning Update, August 2, 2014


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Nov 4, 2005
In case you are new to these daily updates, let me just quickly tell you that our friend and fellow Cheffer, Paige Dixon Birgfeld, disappeared without a trace on June 28, 2007. You can follow the entire story in a thread called "One of Our Own Is Missing" at the top of this page. Human remains were found in Colorado on March 8, 2012. Two days later, dental records tentatively identified the remains as those of Paige. On March 28, DNA testing confirmed that Paige had been found. As of this date, all we know is that Paige's remains have been found, law enforcement is considering this case a homicide, and everything is in the hands of forensics experts. All we can do now is wait, because once again, we have nothing new to report.

In news of Candles for Paige we had 4 candles as of this post. Remember, candles go out after 48 hours so keep lighting candles for Paige, her family and her three children.

Instructions for lighting candles for Paige are in the Missing thread, in this post.

On This Day In History...

...in 1776, members of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. While it had been approved on July 4, it took until August 2 to print copies and create the hand-written version, signed by the delegates, and preserved in the national archives.


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that
all men are created equal, that they are endowed
by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness." This has been called
"The best known sentence in the English

Some Afterthoughts - To my fellow citizens of the United States, have you actually read the Declaration of Independence? Or have you actually read the Constitution of the United States? If you are like many Americans, you may have read these important documents (or more likely, skimmed over them) when you were in high school but probably not since then. A group called The Heritage Foundation has published a book entitled http://www.heritage.org/research/features/almanac/welcome.htmlThe Founders' Almanac, where many of the documents that created this great country are reproduced with appropriate commentary and explanations. You can actually buy the book, if you like, but the Heritage Foundation has made these vital documents available to you as PDF files. You might just like to take a look, and read them, and learn what your rights really are. (Click on the title to see the document.)

...in 1934, President Paul von Hindenburg, of the Weimar Republic, passed away, leaving a clear path for Adolph Hitler to seize power in Germany. He was the son of a Prussian military officer, fought in the Seven Weeks War with Austria at the age of 19 and also fought in the Franco-Prussian War. During WWI, he rose to prominence and became the President in 1925. His German government was in disarray with unrest from both the right and left. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles were harsh, inflation was rampant. No one was happy. Hindenburg allowed dissolution of the Reichstag and agreed to hold new elections. The Nazi Party became the second largest party because of the election and soon was gaining new members. With von Hindenburg's death, nothing stood in the way of Hitler's rise to power.


von Hindenburg in 1916

Right after WWI, Adolph Hitler was a decorated soldier disappointed by Germany's loss. He joined the German Workers' Party, mostly a group of disgruntled army veterans. When he assumed leadership in the 1920's, he renamed the group the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist Workers' Party) that was abbreviated as Nazi. The party was anything but socialist, in fact, Hitler blamed communists as well as Jews for Germany's defeat in WWI and it became his personal vendetta to extract revenge. The party also adopted an ancient symbol of good luck as its symbol, forever ruining the swastika to mean anything but hatred. With Hindenburg's death, Hitler combined his title of Chancellor with Hindenburg's title of President and called himself Führer ("leader") and disbanded the democratic government to put the Third Reich into place.


Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1934)
With his death, there was no one to
stand in the way of Adolph Hitler's
rise to power.

...in 1943, the Japanese destroyer Amaqiri rammed PT-109 amidships, slicing it in half and killing two of the crew. Other PT boat commanders in the area, assuming the crew had been killed in such a collision, left the area. The commander of the boat rallied the other ten survivors, who clung to the debris for five hours until they reached a coral island. After swimming to a larger island, the young lieutenant encountered a native and carved a message into a coconut shell, which led to the rescue. The lieutenant was decorated for his bravery, and both he and the coconut shell ended up in the Oval Office. The story of Lieutenant John F. Kennedy was told in the movie, PT-109 starring Cliff Robertson, in 1963.


The crew of PT-109 in July, 1943. That's Lt(jg) John F. Kennedy standing on the far right.
Left to Right, Top Row, Al Webb (not a crew member but in the photo) Leon E. Drawdy, Edgar E. Mauer,
Edmund T. Drewitch, John E. McGuire. Bottom Row, Charles A. Harris, Maurice l. Kowal, Andrew J. Kirkesy,
Leonard J. Thom and Kennedy. Andrew Jackson Kirksey and Harold W. Marney (not pictured) perished in the collision.

...in 1990, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait, quickly overwhelming the Kuwaiti defense forces and capturing Kuwait City. The emir of Kuwait and his family escaped to Saudi Arabia. The United Nations quickly denounced the invasion and called for Iraq to withdraw. Saddam Hussein responded by setting up a provincial government to rule his new prize - including 20% of the world's oil reserves and access to the Persian Gulf. Operation Desert Storm, led by the United States, began on January 16, 1991 and drove the Iraqis back into their own land. Before retreating, Hussein ordered that the Kuwaiti oil wells all be set on fire.


Clockwise from top: USAF over the burning oil field,
British Troops, Camera view of AC-130, the Highway of
Death, M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle.

...in 1992, Jackie Joyner-Kersee won the Gold Medal in the heptathlon at the Barcelona Olympics. It was her second Gold in the Olympic heptathlon, which she won in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics. She is the only woman to win gold twice in the event. She also won a bronze medal in 1996, her sixth Olympic medal, the most medals won by an American woman in track and field.

That's it. That's all we know as of 12:01 AM, EDT.