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Microwave cake question

Nov 11, 2005
Can I use any kind of store-bought icing to put in the bottom of the fluted pan? The only recipe I have found that does that is the German Choc. cake. All the other recipes put the icing on the cake after it comes out of the microwave. Help?


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Jun 14, 2005
yes, you can use any frosting. However when you do put the frosting on the bottom of the pan it leaves indentions in the cake when you turn it out. I have been making the 1-2-3 cake and then I take about 1/3 -1/2 a tub of frosting in a prep bowl and micorwave it for about 8-10 seconds then pour it over the hot cake. The heat of the cake melts it, and it drips down the sides.


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Oct 30, 2005
Frosted Microwave Cake

What I do is...after I have placed the cake batter in the fluted stone, then I plop the frosting on top of the batter. (not whipped frosting...it's too light and will boil over and make a HUGE mess in the microwave!! :eek: ) I found this out the hard way! :rolleyes: "Bake" as usual 13-15 minutes depending on microwave, wait 10 mins, then flip it out onto a serving platter with a slight lip. When you turn your cake out you will have a frosted cake, because during the baking, the frosting went to the bottom of the pan!

I do this all of the time at shows and have sold a lot of fluted stones this way!! :D

Hope this answers your question!