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Maximizing Sales with Pampered Chef Catalog Orders - Tips and Tricks for Success

a lot of questions! Lol. Yes, you can install PP on your laptop. Just be sure to do the tutorial first so you don't have any trouble later. And if she's not interested in making it a catalog show, you can list yourself as the host. Congrats on your first order!
My husband was visiting court today, he had to pick up some papers from the secretary of the judge. He told her his wife was doing Pamperd Chef now and she ask for a catalog and wants to order some things for the people in her office. I could'nt belive it. She called him after he left and asked if he could bring the books over with some order forms right away. The question I have is should I make this a catalog show or just outside orders? She wants it back asap. So I will probally order it tonight. I am nervous because this will be my first time to order on Pampered Partner. Can I install it on a laptop and take it with me when I go on vacation? Sorry for so many questions.
Yes, you can definitely install it on your laptop..!!! That's how you go to your shows to put all the orders in. Are you leaving to go on vacation tonight? I would definitely tell her that you advise her on turning in at least $150 in orders from co-workers so she can reap the rewards of being the first to contact you!! You never know, it could turn out to be a $300 show!! Tell her you will give her a few days and call her on Monday to close!! See if she's okay with that or give her more time if she needs it.

If you need help you can call me and I will walk you through putting orders in once you have Pampered Partner installed!

If her order is over $150.00 then definately sumbit it as a catalog show. Let her know that if she does order over $150 then she will be able to purchase one of the chillzanne pieces for 60% off. If her order is over $200 then she will get to pick some freebies as well. Congratulations!!!

You can take PP anywhere your computer can go. I will be taking my laptop with me to conference to be sure that I have everyone's contact information I need. Also, our hotel has internet access so I can keep in touch with anyone who e-mails me as well. As long as you have PP and a phone line, then you can submit orders frofrom anywhere. Be sure to have your Director talk you through it when you submit this though. There are some tricky spots and you want to make sure that you learn the program right the first time so that you don't have to re-learn things later.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes!
Oooh, definitely make it a catalog show. Do you have a way to get in touch with her? call her and explain the host benefits. That may make her gather even MORE orders and have a great way of getting some new names to you. Encourage her to have the people fill out the entire order form, even with their email address, so you can keep in touch with them and do customer care calls, etc.

If she's not interested in making it a catalog show (i know it's crazy, but some people don't care about getting free stuff :confused: ), then you can list yourself as the host in that case.

Yes, you can install PP on your laptop, but you may want to make that your main computer. Actually having a laptop can save you lots of time. There are consultants who bring that to their shows and enter peoples' orders right there at the show. It saves you the time of having to come home and enter it then. You'll just need an internet connection to transmit if, if you're planning on taking it with you on vacation. Be sure to do the tutorial that PP has on it. That'll help. Don't worry, if it seems hard at first, it'll definitely get easier the more you do it!

Congrats on having such a simple booking. Way to go for your husband on promoting your business!! It's great to have a supportive spouse. :)
Thats great!! Sounds like your on your way. I just had a very similiar situation. Called my bank checking on the debit card pc deal. Told her what it was for and she said "REALLY?? brings some books down when you get them, we LOVE pampered chef!!" I was like :eek: Couldnt believe it!! So your very right, doesnt hurt to tell everyone what your doing!! :p
Your Enthusiasm is Contagious!!Obviously your excitement about your businesses is showing and your reaping the rewards. But boy, is it ever fun to read your posts! It's really giving me that "I'm gonna book me some shows" feeling! :D Way to go, ladies!!
remember, if you get 2 shows this month, you get the newest Woven selections piece for free. make it a catalog show so that you have on of those shows out of the way.

1. What is "It Pays to Ask Everyone"?

"It Pays to Ask Everyone" is a program offered by Pampered Chef that allows hosts to earn extra rewards by inviting friends and family to their parties. It encourages hosts to reach out to a wider network and increase their party sales.

2. How does "It Pays to Ask Everyone" work?

When a host invites at least 3 guests to their party who have never attended a Pampered Chef party before, they can earn an additional $20 in free products. For every additional guest who has never attended a party, the host can earn an extra $5 in free products. The more new guests the host invites, the more rewards they can earn!

3. Do I have to be a Pampered Chef consultant to participate in "It Pays to Ask Everyone"?

No, "It Pays to Ask Everyone" is open to all hosts. Whether you are a consultant or just hosting a party for fun, you can take advantage of this program and earn extra rewards.

4. Can I invite guests who live in different states or countries to my party?

Yes, as long as your guests have never attended a Pampered Chef party before, they can count towards your "It Pays to Ask Everyone" rewards. This program is a great way to connect with friends and family who may not live nearby.

5. Is there a limit to how many guests I can invite for "It Pays to Ask Everyone" rewards?

No, there is no limit to the number of guests you can invite for this program. The more new guests you invite, the more rewards you can earn. So don't be afraid to reach out to your entire network and spread the word about your party!

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