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Pampered Chef: Jan Feb March flyer?

  1. Could someone post a flyer for Jan, Feb. , March all in one? Im not seeing one & am new to the group. TIA!!
    Jan 4, 2018
  2. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Senior Member Gold Member

    Kathleen, who is SO generous to make and share these with us, is working on that right now.
    Jan 5, 2018
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  3. Kathleen,

    You're amazing at these & an ink saver!! Lol
    Thanks for all you do!!
    Jan 5, 2018
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    Jan 5, 2018
  5. Yes she is. Im still getting used to this blog & loving it!! Thank you to everyone that contributes. Hopefully I can be if help one day!
    Jan 5, 2018
  6. kam

    kam Legacy Member Staff Member

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