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Pampered Chef: Is there a way to see....

  1. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    Is there a way to see if one of your down lines shows have been put on hold? One of my down line said she was submitting a show on the 30th and it is not there, and it is not in July. I did call her and left a message cause I want to help her out if she submitted it and its on hold.
    Jul 2, 2009
  2. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    No, there's not, and it's very frustrating. I wish that TL's would get notification of team members shows on hold.

    My Director thought that I did, so she wasn't notifying me - and I have 2 team members who don't have internet access at home, so they didn't know they had shows on hold.

    So now, when I have a team member who submits a show, and I don't see it come across on my stats, I call or email my Director to find out.
    Jul 2, 2009
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