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I want to share my flyers, but . . .


Novice Member
Mar 1, 2006
I usually make them in Photoshop. Does anyone know if I can convert them to Acrobat Reader so I can attatch them here?


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
There is a PDF Converter called Pdf995 that you can download from the net for free.. You can make any document into a PDF file by "printing" the file with the PDF converter. It sounds weird, but it doesn't print it, it just converts it into a PDF file and saves it like that. here's the link for it: http://www.pdf995.com/
Now, I'm assuming you can convert your photoshop documents into PDFs via this converter, though I've never done things in photoshop (I do most of mine in publisher), but I'm sure it would work just fine.
Let us know if you have any problems or need any more help...