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I am SOOO excited, and nervous


Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
I sent out papers yesterday to all of the contacts I got from a booth and 4 packets to people who had marked they wanted more info on becoming a PC, well I just checked my email and I got a reply from one who said she wants to do it and wants to know what she needs to do, ahhh, I sent in the packets the old SS flier about what you can get when you hit your $1250 in sales and the Imagine more brochure with the rewards and comission stuff in it and the your life your way brochure and put on the bottom of the paper I sent that you can use your money from your kitchen show to take off what your starter kit would be, but now what, I have no real clue what to call and say, I need to set up a meeting with her, but I have to bowl tonite and tomorrow are parent teacher conferences, this sucks. Anyway, any help you can give me is TRULY APPRECIATED as to what I need to do to prepare her, I have to call my director also and see what she says also.

Thanks In Advance;


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May 6, 2005
Whenever I have a meeting to discuss the opportunity with people or even just informal conversations over the phone, I like to gauge where they are at in the decision making process. It sounds like she's ready to go! Ask her if she'd like to know HOW to get started or WHY she should get started. If it's HOW, let her know she can go online and order the kit right there. She just needs your consultant number. Even offer to walk her through it while you're on the phone. There's a guide on Consultant's Corner under some recruiting information that helps. If she's not quite that ready to jump on board, see if she has questions and let her ask away. If you don't know the answer, let her know you can find out. Contact your director or come on here and post a question, we're all happy to help. Before she goes to order the Starter Kit online, let her know it'll ask for dates of the first six kitchen shows. She really should have these pretty well lined up before she signs up. It'll just help her get off to a better start, but it's not mandatory. If the dates she puts in are tentative and they change, that's fine. I have found that people who start talking to their friends and family asking them to host shows (catalog shows count, too!) and start scheduling those seem to have a more solid start.

Feel free to post other questions. Congratulations, though! That's great news. :)