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How To Get Bridal Showers

Aug 27, 2004
I'd like to do some bridal showers, but I don't know how to go about getting the bookings. I'm looking for something other than a just-by-chance approach. Has anyone sent letters to bridal consultants or bridal shops? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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Jan 21, 2005
Where to find brides

Keep your eyes open to participate in a bridal fair or stop in at places brides shop to prepare for their wedding and ask if you can leave flyers. The best advice though is talk about it at your shows. Everyone knows someone who is getting married. Show the Pampered Bride Flyer and tell them it's the easiest bridal shower they could throw AND the bride will get more than just the gifts from her friends - she gets additional free products, etc!
Feb 8, 2005
Look in the newspaper at the engagement announcements and send those people a letter with your card....works very well!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Do you do any follow-up with the letters you send out? I have sent numerous cover letters with catalogs and the bridal flyer and have not received any responses.
Feb 8, 2005
yes, I call them about a week after sending the flyer....that is when they book shows. I honestly have only had 2 call me. The phone is where you get your people on this one for sure!
Feb 16, 2005
What I do...

Outside of mentioning Bridal Shows (and fundraisers) at my Kitchen Shows, I participate in Bridal Expos or Fairs Booth costs varies, but if you have some other consultants to share the cost, it is money well spent if you follow through with follow up the next week/month. Follow up with a phone call, postcard maybe in a month. Don't stop calling until you have soken with someone or else you'll just

Even if there is a large door prize, I always offer a special draw at my table, they fill out a survey slip fo a chance to win a stone or a gift certificate. I also offer a special for booking at the show. It is usually the same gift because if they were interested in getting it for free by filling out the ballot, they are usually interested in getting it for free at their show.

At Bridal fairs, I alwys talk to the Bride's entire entourage - she often has her mom & bridal party, fiance, aunts etc... I sell the Bridal show are easy for them all but my real "secret" is to sell a party in the next 2 months (especially if the wedding is more than 5 months away). The bridal party & families can get together in an informal couple of hours, get to know each other before the stressful dress shopping and fittng days !!! ALWAYS talk with the moms - they have gone through this before & want it to be simple & enjoyable for their children.

I have old catalogues available on my table - with a note on it "if you want to see a current catalogue or to book a show" If you are looking for something, there are many on this site that are great! If someone requests a new catalogue, I have them as well, but the couple of seconds it takes to grab it affords me a bit of time to "get to know" the client...
I also have business cards there with info on the back (my own rewards program, special for reffering customers etc)
ALso, be sure to have recruiting information - a lot of couples are paying for their own weddings and The Pampered Chef is a flexible way to earn it.

Keep displays simple and uncluttered, stand in front of the booth, dress up and smile. Be friendly with your booth's neightbours...

This has worked for me to expand my customer base - a new couple is just starting to think about their home and lifestyle that they want. It is a great opportunity to branch out and meet new customers, get new referrals and more business!

Even if I don't get a booking at teh fair, I ALWAYS follow up in the upcoing weeks. If I don't it is a waste of money & time. A phone call is always best - I only do mailings if they request it over the phone.