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How to cut demo-show time done?


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Sep 7, 2005
As I am just starting out, I have a 4 month old who cannot be away from me for no longer than 2 hours tops(won't take the bottle and is very attatched to me) . What suggestions do you have on cutting down demo time to get out of there in less than or just at 2 hours (start to finish?) I don't want to completely skip demos but what else can I do? And I dont' want to bring the baby as she will just fuss as some have sugggested before. :confused:

Oct 3, 2005
how to cut time...

My wife and myself work together.

We always try and make ahead anything we can for our recipes.

for example: if we are making the taco ring then we already have our meat browned and seasoned and sitting in the batter bowl waiting on us. Everyone already knows how to fix taco meat. Also for the cheese grinder if we are using a major amount of cheese we will already have most of it shredded and just demonstrate a little bit actually being shredded.

This cuts quite a bit of time off of the taco ring. The whole taco ring, once we are at the show only takes about 25 minutes, and this includes baking time.
Sep 20, 2005
I would say to stick with a lot of the pizzas like garden ranch or dessert, this way you can make the crust before you get there, place the chopped up toppings in prep bowls and just show how to cut one or 2 of each item. You then will just have to spread and top the crust and it makes for a quick delicious show! hth