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Hi I'm Brand New


Novice Member
May 22, 2006
Hello All
Wanted to do a quick intro so if you see me posting you'll have an idea who I am. I just signed up, haven't even received the Started Kit or had training but I'm ready to get started. I'm a SAHM to a gorgeous 8-mo old baby girl and wanted to do something else and earn some extra income without having to leave her very often. I already have two shows booked for June and hoping for more so I can get my Super Starter Bonuses. I've been cooking as far back as I can remember and a fan of the products since I discovered them about 5 years ago. I'd say my favorite product so far is the mini-loaf stone, I'm the designated banana-bread-maker for our playgroup. I always take two loaves, leave one for DH and hide one in the freezer. OK Enough about me, I look forward to meeting you all and taking advantage of your expertise.

PS Could someone point me in the direction of some good clipart images to use in my e-newsletters?

Brand New Consultant
Mom to Cali - 8 Months