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Have you tried these creative ways to advertise your Pampered Chef business?

In summary, this person put together a flyer asking people to donate money to their local school system in place of their usual fundraiser. They are doing this every month for the next year.
:) Have any of you put in a "work part-time" or "Looking for hostesses/college students, SAHM or anyone looking to earn extra cash for the holidays" type of advertisement in those local new booklets (they usually have job, tag sale, for sale/wanted and other odds & ends)???

I'm hoping to brainstorm and come up with a real thought-provoking advertisement to pay for - to get either bookings or recruits!

Thanks in advance!
Susan :eek:
I just ran a add for a monthin my local newspaper. It cost me $100.00 for the month , I got one phone call ! He was looking for a chef position !I probably wouldnt do it again unless it was really cheap!You never know though ! It all depends on who is looking !I even put my web site in the add thinking maybe I would get a couple of hits, nope not one !
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Thanks for the replyI was thinking more of a weekly paper, just once...

Or maybe everyone could share their best "be a host" flyer that they've attached business cards too, that resulted in the most calls?
I decided to take the plunge and do an ad recently. I've always contemplated doing it, so I decided to try. I'm actually spacing it out a little. It's more than an ad in the classifieds, it's an actual ad a little larger than business card size. I'm running it three times in a weekly paper. It'll run every other week. So far it ran one time and I got a call from an ad person at ANOTHER publication asking if I wanted to advertise with them. I told them no, but the more I talked to this woman and told her about PC, the more excited she got about it. SHe's probably going to host a show! The ad has more of a recruiting slant to it, but also mentions hosting. So if she hosts, I'll consider this to be worth it, although I'd love more calls!

The ad department from the paper came up with the whole ad and did all the graphics and made it look really nice. That was included in the price. It was $150 for the three weeks of running it, which is pretty expensive, but I'll never know if it works unless I try. I would suggest to anyone thinking of doing an ad that running it just one week may not be worth it. YOu may need to put some $$ into it so it'll be seen. That's just my 2 cents. The paper I ran it in has a pretty big circulation and it covers a total of FIVE towns, including mine. We'll see what happens!!

If you're thinking of it, I'd go with a paper whose graphics department would put it together for you....included in the price. They got the copy of the ad to me to approve and I tweaked it a little so I could get it just how I wanted.
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Wow!Please keep us posted!!! We'd love to see what you did, if there's a way to do that. :)
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I put a flyer up (the "CATALOG HOSTESS PROMOTION" one here, tweaked with my info) with a BUNCH of business cards stapled at the bottom at a local food store today... left a bunch of cards with a garlic farm stand today (they saw my Pampered Chef visor and told ME how much they loved the products, etc... I saw other cards and asked)...

Cross your fingers I get some catalog parties to substantiate my few kitchen shows.... I want to focus on catalog/web shows and do only 2-3 kitchen shows, AND meet the $1250 goals.
Welcome WagonDo any of you remember the Welcome Wagon? It used to delivery packages to new people in town. I have a lady in my church that does something like that and targets different zip codes. She ask me if I would like to place an ad in her "Welcome Friends" package. It is $150.00 for a year, not bad. I was beginning to wonder if I would get an calls from it and I finally did. The lady that called said she would be placing a large order. So, I sent her the current catalog and fall catalog along with the host specials. I hope it will pan out. So, you may want to see if something like this is done in your city.
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Thank you!Will you keep us posted please!

Something I just did today for free and I'm already getting some positive results... I've looked up local school systems, gone to the PTO directory of each and send a fundraising blurb to each, asking them to consider PC in stead of (or in addition to) candy sales - I know I would welcome the "justified" excuse to buy PC instead of the candy and overpriced wrapping paper! I'm going to try to reach day cares and local YMCAs too.

One lady asked if she could place an individual order (of course!!!).

I also started to wear my Pampered Chef visor - so many people have come up to me to see if I sell it, which opens the door to conversation and business cards, etc.


What are the options for placing a paid ad in the local paper?

The options for placing a paid ad in the local paper include choosing the size and placement of the ad, selecting the date(s) it will run, and providing the content and design for the ad.

How much does it cost to place a paid ad in the local paper?

The cost of a paid ad in the local paper varies depending on the size and placement of the ad, as well as the circulation and readership of the paper. It is best to contact the local paper for specific pricing information.

Can I target a specific audience with my paid ad in the local paper?

Yes, most local papers offer the option to target specific demographics or geographic areas with paid ads. This can help ensure that your ad reaches the audience most likely to be interested in your product or service.

How far in advance do I need to place my paid ad in the local paper?

The deadline for placing a paid ad in the local paper varies, but it is typically at least a week before the ad is set to run. It is best to contact the local paper for their specific deadline.

Can I track the success of my paid ad in the local paper?

Yes, most local papers offer tracking services for paid ads, such as providing the number of views or clicks on your ad. This can help you determine the effectiveness of your ad and make any necessary adjustments for future ads.

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