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Goal Setting and recruiting...

Feb 22, 2005
I have a meeting tomorrow with my very first recruit ( I now have 5! : )). I've encouraged this little meeting to help her set some new goals. Any words of wisdom? She's been very part-time, but does well with individual shows. I'm just wanting something that will help re-start her business- she wants to move up but as heard all of my bits of wisdom- hoping for some help!

thanks! :)


Mar 26, 2005
How did you get so many recruits? I am struggling with this part of the biz. I cannot seem to entice people enough. Any tips are welcome.



There are lots of reasons why some people recruit and others don't. The main one is attitude.

An other thing to note is that most people don't say yes the first time they are presented with info. Typically you are looking at 5-12 times of being asked to get them to yes. So keep in contact. The people I'm signing recently are people who were at my first shows in 2001 and are finally ready to give this a try.

So keep in contact with people, you aren't being a pest if you go with an attitude of service. The consultant who did my show in 1997 never contacted me after the show, so when I was finally ready in January 2001, I went to the Home Office to start.

You can do this!


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I'd talk to her about setting goals. First figure out how much she wants to make each month and then break that down into how many shows she will need to meet that goal. I think it is very important to help your recruits set goals and post them, track with them, and help them meet their goals.

Once she has set a goal and figures out many shows she needs, help brainstorm where she will get her shows. Go back to the list of 100.