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Getting ready for 1st Show!

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
I am finally having my first Kitchen show and want to make sure I bring everything I need. I have made up extra Host and Recruiting packets, have lots of catalogs, product info lists, catalog at a glance cheat sheet, recipes, and a show outline... what else do you all bring with you?

Does anyone have a paperwork checklist that they use to make sure they have everything? How about a general show checklist?

How about a list of items included in your show binders (the ones you pass around)?

I really want this party to go well, it is for the husband of another PC consultant! He has a wishlist a mile long! :eek: I am so excited and nervous at the same time! It's funny... I am way more nervous about the people I do know at the party than I am about the strangers! Go figure. :)


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Apr 13, 2004

I do 4 things that are very important to me.
1) I make my grocery list. Whether I have the host pick it up or I do it, it still needs to be done. I am going to the store. I check it off as I get it out and ready to take to the show.
2) I go through the recipe(s) I am preparing and write down EVERYTHING I need to make sure I have. I check it off as it goes in my bag.
3) Then I make a list of how I want to present the recipe. If I need the SA Large Paltter and Nylon Server, I make sure I have it. If I want the Three Tiered Stand, I make sure it is on that list!
4) I remember to take a deep breath on my way to my show and remind myself, if you forgot it, there is always another way to do what needs to be done.
As far as paperwork goes, if you have catalogs, you have everything you NEED. Guests can write on scratch paper what they want. If you have your order forms and what not all the better but if you do forget something, DO NOT SWEAT IT! Things have a way of working out.
Then once I get there, get set up and make sure all the food I need preped is, I breath again. Then I do my thing!
When it comes to binders/folders, that is something you will need to decide. Some of us use the Flip Folder for the host and guests specials, others of us put them in the folders. Some of us pass out the drawing slips, some of us don't us them and some of us put them in the folder.
It all depends on how you feel comfortable getting the info across.
There are many things you can do, there are many things some of think you should do but ultimately you have to be the deciding vote. I know it sorta is well, up in the air but if anyone every saw me do say ten shows in a row, the one thing they certainly would notice, I rarely do the same thing twice in a row. So... But that's what makes it interesting for me. I always follow my 4 steps but as far as what goes where and in which folder well, I don't even bother. For me it works quite well handing each person a catalog, an order form and a pen and a drawing slip. Or I just put them all on a table and after my demo I point them out and everyone helps themselves. Why should I do more work than I need to. I get paid the same whether I spend two hours stuffing folders full of stuff I am going to talk about and pass around anyway, or I can take 5 minutes and put stacks in my bag and go. Simple as that. I talk about the current host a future guest specials and pass around the flip folder. One less thing to forget to stuff in a folder, that is why it was invented!
I found that keeping it simple works best for me. No stuffing folders.
So as you see, everything is different for everyone.
Good luck and I hope you get some other things to help you decide.
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Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Thanks for reeling me back in... I tend to get too stuck in my own head and make things too complicated!

I guess I will get myself together as best I can and then wing it from there. ;)

Thanks again!


Aug 7, 2005
Good Luck, Zoe!

Don't worry too much about the show...it will all turn out okay - no matter how it turns out! Laugh at yourself if you need to...and have the guests laugh with you! Two shows ago, I was trying to point out just how fine the microplane would grate parmesan...and picked up the prep bowl of (what I thought was) cheese I had already done. It was powder fine...people were amazed. Until someone realized it was FLOUR! LOL! What can you do? Just laugh and have fun...it will all be alright. My last show I learned another lesson...PACK THE CAR YOURSELF! My husband offered to pack the car for me as I was carrying out my SA tote and my stoneware tote...he said "You go nurse the baby...I'll pack the car...and I want to put the crates in before the bags". I said okay...he packed the car...I drove off happy...and on time, for once. :) Got there early, made small talk with the host, went to unpack the car...and you guessed it, those two bags (with ALL my pans and cookware) didn't make it in the car. What can you do? It was still my highest show ever (1200).

I guess this is a long way of saying...YOU'LL DO GREAT! If the show is flawless and perfect, it will be wonderful for you. If there are bumps, use them for humor and it will be even better for you. Just remember to breathe and enjoy yourself...everyone else will, too.

Good luck again,