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Enhanced Chocolate Showstopper


Jul 23, 2005
I was recently looking at the chocolate showstopper bowls and I had two ideas that I thought I'd pass on: the first is to make the bowl in dark chocolate and let it set up, then melt some white chocolate, put it in a plastic bag and drizzle it on the outside of the bowl. The other idea was to melt white chocolate and add a little orange food coloring, make two bowls and place one on top of the other. Then with melted dark chocolate, make a jack'o lantern face on the "pumpkin."



Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Chocolate bowl warning. If balloon is blown up large (more pressure), or chocolate is too hot, you will have an exploded balloon and a chocolate decorated kitchen :eek: . (you want it just melted and still smooth, but cooler).

They are fun to make for Easter also, but just be careful with the balloons.