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Pampered Chef: Bookings Down, but hopefully not out...yet!

  1. Tash

    Tash Member

    O.K.... I am in need of some help and inspiration please.

    I have been at this since May, things started off a little slower than I would have liked but they took off and everything was going well for a while. I moved into a new place at the end of August and with a 16 month old and a whack of other commitments I have found little time to do PC work. I did a home show and I got 1 booking with 2 possible others, but the one I had called today to cancel, as she is not well. :(

    So..... I am very depressed and I feel as though I have hit a wall. I don't have any bookings for November or December and I just don't know where to get some. I know that I need to go back to the 100 list, but apart from there I just don't know where to get bookings from people I don't really know. I want to break out of the "family/friends" circle.

    Do you have any help, advise, suggestions etc...??

    I love doing this and I don't want to give up. I want to move up the PC ladder and make this a career not a hobby.

    Please help

    Nov 6, 2005
  2. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    I was in the same situation, I had hit a brick wall I would check to see if there are any fairs going on and i would call all the yess and maybes, I did the taste of home cooking school and i have been doing much better lately i am just hoping i dont slow down. Good luck with everything
    Nov 6, 2005
  3. PampChefNancy1

    PampChefNancy1 Novice Member

    I carry around the catalog tote ($15 on the supply order form) as my purse, and it has generated some leads! I would also suggest to go to the grocery store with cookbooks, talk to the people in the isles (ask if they know where to find something...they will not only try to help, but they will look at you carrying your PC cookbook!). I am now on my 2nd show with the lady from the post office, whom I've been dealing with on a weekly basis (as I mail my host packets). One day I just asked her if she was familiar with TPC, and she showed a lot of interest!!

    I guess my advise to you is to talk to everyone you see about TPC! That will break you out of the friends/family circle, but it will also get your name out in your community. I have also put my business cards in the grocery store where you can post offers & wants! I've gotten leads this way as well!

    I hope this helps and I wasn't just rambling! :D
  4. chefautumn

    chefautumn Member

    I know how you feel. I got off to a rocky start in the beginning. My son was only 6 weeks old when I started so I didn't do my first show until my second SS month. There is a lot of great advice on how to get bookings on this site. One thing I want to tell you is, don't get discoureged. All it taked is ONE show for your business to take off. You'll get 1-2 bookings and then soon you'll do a party where you don't know any of the guests and your bookings will spider from there.

    Good Luck, and don't give up!
    Nov 7, 2005
  5. Tash

    Tash Member


    Thanks for all you support and advice. I know I have to just keep going. :)

    I am hoping to re-book the lady that cancelled and one other lady looks interested too. So wish me luck.

    Thanks again.

    Nov 8, 2005
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