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Combo show with another company*Friend*


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Sep 8, 2008
A friend who is an "ambassador" with 'Noonday Collections' (for those of you going "WHO??"..click the link).

Anyway, I am in need of shows to rebuild my business. I know about getting on the phone, but I also wanted to host my own "SUMMER CELEBRATION Show". My problem is that I live about 30 miles from most of the people I know and am friends with....no one will drive that far for a home party (I might, but that's because I crave adult interaction sometimes - especially with other women!) So I asked her (she lives in the heart of that group) about hosting something at her house, and we do something together.

We have a game plan of sorts. We'll obviously both have products to display. I was going to first with a mini-demo and get the food started. She has a short video that plays about the artisans who make the products.

Our goals: She need a show for August, so she wants a few sales and a few bookings would be nice. She does alot of fundraisers for adoptions too. (We were going to team up on that and give it a try.)

ME - I just want bookings! A minimum show would be nice, both for her as a host, and me for the incentive, but I need bookings.

I know generally combo shows don't work. Our relationship is very good, and neither of us would do anything to undercut the other. We have a list of at least 40-50 people to start with for invites, and it will probably grow.
Most of these we both know through Scouts, so I'm trying to come up with a quick demo idea to cater to them: BUSY MOMS who I know have lots going on- Scouts on Mondays with very rushed (or plain) dinners. I want to feature some ideas on helping with "Monday Mania"!

My questions:
(1) Has anyone done a 'combo' invitation flyer already? I can't find one in files, but not sure what to search for keywords either.
(2) Suggestions for a short but effective demo? Timing of things? I was thinking maybe once her video/bit was done, I could do my show wrap-up, etc. Then everyone can break to eat, shop, etc.
(3) Do you think I'd still benefit if we made my PC part a "NO-BUY" event, and they can just buy her product, and WANT to book with me for future parties?? The girl I'm doing this with would be just as thrilled with that- because if we can pull at least a minimum, she gets host booking benefits from that.

Ideas?? Oh, and we're doing this in 2 weeks. :D So I need to hustle.

(By the way- don't ever complain about the cost of our catalogs! Her company is very new and small...they just came out with a catalog for them finally...$7 PER CATALOG (70-pg)!!! They don't have enough "bulk" orders to bring costs down. YIKES.


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Jan 11, 2011
One of my good friends had a combo show last summer. I think it was called "A Pampered Day" or something like that. The main focus of the show was the body care/facial show and my friend provided the refreshments with PC products and recipes. (she was a consultant at the time). After the facials, my friend passed out catalogs and order forms and took orders. She got a couple bookings and sales out of it, which is what she wanted. It was a good time.

I can say that the booking bead/necklace whatever you want to call it idea is a hit. I am doing an online show right now and I've got 3 bookings so far because I'm offering items in the $10 range. If you need the bookings, I'm suggesting you give that a try.


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Sep 8, 2008
I forgot about the Booking Beads. That's a great idea Brenda! It would be a great way to get some bookings for later, and my friend who's opening her home will benefit big. And then guests can feel free to buy from HER products that night. I'd be cool with that.

I have "brand recognition" on my side, I know.
Love it.....
now I need some inspiration on the invitation! ;)