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Pampered Chef: Business Cards/Magnets ect

  1. stacieka

    stacieka Member

    Now that T&C is no longer used where do we go?
    Feb 8, 2006
  2. stacieka

    stacieka Member

    nevermind found it!
    Feb 8, 2006
  3. jenniferlynne

    jenniferlynne Senior Member

    You can visit Merrill through Consultants Corner. They are now our new vendor. I haven't ordered anything yet but have read on this site that several consultants have gotten business cards from them. I saw a huge package of the magnets that you stick a business card on the other night at Walmart. I don't remember now how much they were, but it seems like they were pretty cheap!
  4. luve merral

    they have great things and great prices!! i ordered business cards and they look awesome!!!!!!!! also ordered the mag. that you can stick on the back of the cards and some more stuff gets to you so quick it was a great investment!!
  5. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    I order my magnets from MagnaCard from a guy named Bud at 1-800-634-5523 and my entire cluster LOVES these magnets over Wal-Marts b/c they are thicker and sturdier. The smallest package they have is 8 packs of 100 (800 magnets) for $80. The S/H is a flat $15 so for $11.87 you can get a 100 magnets that are great quality. I prefer them over Wal-Marts anyday. Our cluster just splits a pack of them and don't buy again until everyone needs some!

    You can also get free samples by visiting the website at:http://www.magnacard.com/

    Take Care! :D

    I was one of the ones that bought the biz cards through Merrill and I really do Love them!! :)
    Feb 10, 2006
  6. ckmom002

    ckmom002 Member

    the ones from walmart are about 4.00 for 25 of them i like them
    Feb 21, 2006
  7. nicolespcshows

    nicolespcshows Member

    Business Card Magnets

    I get mine from Office Max. They are in packages of 100 and are rather inexpensive. They are good quality in my opinion. I am not sure of the price off hand.
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