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Boosting Business: My Success with Lead Generation and Recruiting Strategies!

I'll ask them one! Then at the end of the show, I'll draw for a prize. I will also put a free drawing slip with each ticket and when I draw, the winner gets two gifts!In summary, the group discusses various strategies for engaging guests and generating leads for their business. One popular idea is to play a game where guests can ask questions about the business and receive a prize for each question. Other suggestions include having pre-written questions available for guests who may have trouble thinking of one on their own, and incorporating a drawing for a larger prize at the end of the game. This method has been successful for many, with some even recruiting new consultants as a result.
Okay, I know that if you really talk about the business, that the leads and recruits will come. :rolleyes: But in the last 2 weeks since I've really put this in practice, I've seen amazing results! 5 leads in 2 weeks! Wow! :D Guess I should have been doing this sooner!

Tonight I played the 'Everything you ever wanted to know about PC, but were afraid to ask' game. I handed out 2 brochures and set times to call and follow up. There were some really good questions, and know one had to feel singled out! I'm just wishing I'd been more open about the business before!!
How do you play this game?
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Set a time limit (5 minutes or so, depending on crowd size) then pass a door prize like a SB. Everyone is encouraged to ask a question about the business (not products). After the question is answered the prize is passed to the next guest. If you can't think of a question, you can just pass it on. The person holding the prize at the end wins. And you have a good idea of who might be interested in the oppurtunity! Plus it may raise interest in someone who wouldn't have been interested to begin with. I got this idea from Scottie Brister on a conference call Wed. night. She says she usually gets 1-2 leads per show doing this. And I got 2 last night! :p
Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the suggestion!
This is great, I'll be using it at my next show. :D
Do you put the SB in a box to disguise the contents?
I got this idea from Scottie Brister on a conference call Wed. night. She says she usually gets 1-2 leads per show doing this. And I got 2 last night! :p[/QUOTE]

FYI for those of you who might not recognize Scottie Brister's name - she recruited and qualified, I believe it was 35 consultants in the last TPC year so if she's doing this, then it's worth duplicating!
I'm going to play a similar game tomorrow night. I have 10 tickets and they can ask me 10 questions about the business. Whoever asks a question, gets a ticket then I'll do a draw and give out a prize. I'm wondering, for those of you who have done something like this, what kinds of questions should I be prepared for?

Another Option for Guests w/out ???My Advanced Director recommends having a few cards on the table with questions for those who "just can't think of one on there own"! Then you can joke a little bit ("what a great question!" "I had no idea someone was going to ask me that one tonight", etc.) Let's everyone participate!

Just my two cents!

Happy selling!
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I sometimes play a similar game. I take some play money out of a Monopoly game or something. I tell everyone they can ask me anything about hosting a show or about my job. Every person that asks a question gets a dollar and whoever has the most at the end gets to pick a gift out of my gift basket. It has worked really good and it has back fired. At one of my first shows, I got a recruit because of it. At another show, a guest brought her non-buying teenage daughter and she dominated the game by hurrying and asking questions that didn't really help. Finally the other guests quit asking because they couldn't get a chance to even ask anything.
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I would have but a stipulation at the beginning of the game as soon as I saw her. This is only because I currently have 4 teenagers in my home and know how they LOVE to outdo each other! :D

I love this idea. What kind of prizes do you put in your basket? Do you wrap them or can they see them and know what they are getting.

Thanks for the great idea!

God Bless,
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No, I don't wrap them. I usually put some Twixit Clips, pan scrappers, cake testers (which will be discontinued soon), bamboo tongs (only 1), and sometimes a Season's best or a coffee or spice sample. I also have everyone fill out the survey slips and I draw one of those as a winner too.
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I love these ideas! I plan to bring a bring roll of tickets.... throughout my show hand a ticket out for ANY questions about products, hosting and the business (might ask my host to help dole them out). Then when the recipe is cooking, set the timer for 2 minutes and tell them it's their chance to ask me ANYthing they want to (regardless how personal ~ how much $$ do I make for example) as long as they don't ask me my weight. Then will give them each a ticket for filling out their drawing slip (I learned at conference to dothis near the end, after they've gotten a chance to get to know and like you) ~ then pull a name out for a prize. :)

I wanted to do this at my last party, but it was a HUGE party party, no real chance for a normal talk. I was happy about 10 of the 30 guests filled out a drawing form! lol.
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I tried this (with the tickets at the end, and questions about my job only) last night and got 4 recruit leads!!!! It was fun, the girls got very competitive.

I recommend this game to everyone!

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I've done that and I did have to delegate the job of handing out tickets to the host. I just couldn't keep up and would forget to give people tickets. I usually just do the ticket game for recruiting questions, but if someone gives a good tip or tells us what page number something is on, maybe I'll start doing it again for that.

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