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Bad Recruit

Mar 27, 2005
I guess I am looking for some feedback so I don't get so discouraged. I had my first recruit. I spent alot of time coaching and helping her to get her business off the ground. She had an open house and I did it for her as part of her training, I went as far as making invitations for her and advertisements. Well at the open house she had two outside orders and only two people showed and they were related to her. I have a feeling that none of the invitations went out, one reason why I have started mailing them for my hostess. Well one person wrote her a check for both of their orders and I helped her with the paperwork. She didn't want to close her open house for a week so she could follow-up with some people that didn't show up. Well in the meantime her personal life kind of fell apart and she made the decision not to go on until she could get things straightened out. She had told me since I did the party that she would give me everything and I could turn it in because she just couldn't do it. There were two ladies at her work that really wanted to have parties and were buggin her for all of the information and wanted to set dates which she might have done, since then she has lost her job. I kept asking her for the orders and the check but she kept putting me off. I found out that she had cashed that check and spent it. It's her relatives check and she has to deal with them but it really makes me look bad. I am trying to find a contact at her old job so I can try and find out who those two ladies were. Any suggestions?


Jul 12, 2005
Don't get discouraged! I learned at conference that you can't motivate people...you can only inspire them! I've had two recruits that never held a show, and I did the same thing. They attended our Cluster meeting, training, and I put in time with them, yet they never followed through with their shows. It happens.

As for your particular case, you are doing the right thing by trying to contact their work and get in touch with the ladies. Do you have names? You might want to try a Google search to find their numbers. As for the check and the orders, she will have to deal with that herself.

From my experience, I realized that I can't make a good consultant, I can only guide them. I used to take all kinds of time training, doing "extras" (like making packets for them, setting them up with "everything" binders), but I realized that people who want to do this, will do this for themselves, and learn from it! The people who do well in this business are self motivators, inspired by others. It's like the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!" I told my recruits after conference how proud I was of them. I said, "It's so easy to quit this business. It's so easy to take your products and commission and just walk away. It's so easy to get discouraged. But you know what this business has, and can, do for you. You want to make this work, and you are working your business. I am so proud of you for keeping with it...you will do well."

It's the internal motivation that people have that make them succeed. As a recruiter, you can't give that to someone. For now, just focus your attention to the next person who wants to change their life, and move forward.


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
I call these people kit-nappers. Unfortunatley, it can happen. Do not dwell on it. YOU know the benefits to being a consultant, making your own schedule, spending as little or as much time on it as you want, earning free product, and making a paycheck to boot.

One thing to consider. Ask them what interested them in PC and use that to guide them to assist them to achieve it. For me, it was initially free products. For one of my recruits, it was money. Another, meeting new people in her area she moved to. As you know, there are different motivators for each individual. Unfortunatley, there are others that simply want to try to work the system. Part of me hopes that PC will consider holding them accountable to at least fulfill one show. They've already knocked it from six to four. Those that do stick with it, LOVE IT!

Keep your head high and keep up the good work. Don't let one person get ya down.
Rita Wester


Novice Member
Dec 29, 2004
I've had a simillar experience

I had a recruit that initially approached me about becoming a consultant. She was so eager to get started! But, two months later, she has yet to do a show. She won't even return my calls. I don't know what happened... anyway, my question is does the Pampered Chef do anything about this? Will they try to get their kit back? Will they try and charge her for the kit?

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Ginger... I agree!

It is so exciting when you have a potential or new recruit. Just realize that your new recruit may not be doing PC for the same reason you are and that they may not want to do PC for any length of time. There are also the kitnappers.

When you recruit, be sure you are recruiting to help fill the recruits need, not your need. Don't try to recruit because there is a really good incentive you want or just because you want to promote by a certain date.

Take the time to work with your recruits and find out what they really want from PC. If your recruit is not returning your calls, don't waste your energy. Try to check in with them on occasion, but then move on. Focus your energy on those that really want to succeed. It will give you a better team in the long run.
Jun 8, 2005
Should we be tougher?

You know, last week I went to a recruiting seminar with Janice Gerol (VP and General Manager of Pamp.Chef Canada), and she has recruited over 200 people (like 240-something I think) and she said that she used to insist that whoever was signing up HAD to have their first six shows booked--not just four or five, even, but all six or she wouldn't sign them.
At the time, I thought this was a little anal (I only had five shows when I first joined--two of which ended up cancelling :rolleyes: ), but after reading this thread, I can now understand why she was so rigid about it--at least you know the person has made a real effort (asking people and booking the shows) and that they are serious to start with. I mean, sure, they may never do the shows, or only do one or two, but at least they had to show SOME kind of committment.
Apr 26, 2005
Ginger and Lisa,
Those were some words of wisdom you both just said. I am going thru the "why did I recruit these people" issue right now and after reading your comments, I know that I have to always remember that I should only worry about the things I can change and not focus energy on the things or people i can't. I always try to do everything I do justice by doing the very best job possible, but that may not be the case with everyone no matter how much you train them. From now on I will be letting my own success speak for me as far as what pampered chef can do for you.