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Are You Running a Business or Just Enjoying a Hobby?

In summary, there are clear signs that distinguish a business from a hobby in the Pampered Chef world. These include selling a significant amount of products each month, attending regular training and conferences, maintaining frequent communication with a director, staying updated on company news, and actively promoting the business to everyone you know. On the other hand, a hobbyist may have joined mainly for the discount on products, only devotes leftover time to the business, has limited knowledge of company specials and bonuses, and may not actively promote the business to others. However, it is important to remember that a hobby can turn into a successful business with dedication and passion.


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Signs You're in Business

1. You sell $1,000 or more each month. If your store isn't open- you can't ,make money.
2. You attend monthly training meetings in your area and attend National Conference each summer.
3. You're in contact with your director 2-3 times a month to maximize your profits.
4. You view company tapes and read the company newsletter start to finnish.
5. You promote your business on your answering machine, and everyone you know, knows you sell Pampered Chef and help others start their own business.

Signs You Have a Hobby

1. You joined Pampered Chef mainly to get the products and discount.
2. Time applied to Pampered Cheff is anytime you have leftover from the week or month.
3. Many of your friends don't even know you sell Pampered Chef.
4. You and your customers often miss out on specials and bonuses because you don't know about them.
5. Your director always has to call you.
What is a business?I enjoyed this post because my idea of a hobby is more DebPC's idea of a business.
Each person who joins the business joins for different reasons and you never know who will develop. When I joined PC I joined for a few products I couldn't afford. 10 months later I'm a Director and can't imagine my life without PC

You must remember that no matter what the person's reason for joining it could turn out to be a life shattering experience for them... In the most positive way!

WowI know for a FACT that DebPC speaks from experience. I am that hobbiest!
(I am sure I am not the only one but, I have been a great example of it!)
I treated my business like it was just something to do whenever. I am not sure how it happened or why it happened but that all changed last fall.
And yes, everyone does have different reasons for doing PC. Mine was as a distraction from my normal job and yeah, I wanted product!
I think part of the why things changed was because I was seeing finacial gains in my personal life as well as the fact that I really did have more time to devote to PC. I have a clear cut schedule that I follow in that I do use Sunday night to make calls. I have a tough time during the week because I am one of those people who wears their emotions on their sleeve. So if I have had a bad day at my regular job, I certainly DO NOT want to transfer that to my PC customers.
And here is the real kicker: I found out that it is a blast to work for something you really want! I love coming up with ideas and making them work. I love being able to promote Help Whip Cancer! I love promoting the Round Up. Mainly because it gives me great satisfaction to know I can make a difference in so many lives. I love the idea to of being able to help other people learn to cook easily and simply so they do have that extra time with their families. I got one of the best compliments yesterday. I was listening to me guests talking about the products they wanted to order. I was preping the salad after my demo. One of the ladies, a past host, told a new person that she learned so much from me and that using our products had made a difference in her life. She said she bought two of our cookbooks and had been using those and her new products. It made meal prep shorter and easier. She went as far as to mention that her daughter loves to help her in the kitchen now and that she has no qualms about letting her help because many of the products she got are kid safe. She spends more time with her daughter and she loves that. She also mentioned that her husband helps her too! She said he could figure out how to use a jigsaw and calipers but had no idea what to do with a food chopper. But once he got his hands on it, he had to try the rest of the products! And the recipes make it so simple to come up with a great dish in a short period of time. The whole family now shares in the kitchen for more "family time." I LOVED IT! And it is a great motivator!
The fun thing for me is that it is no longer a hobby but it is also NOT work!
I get enough of that from 9 to 5 and 8 to 10 every weekday.
Thanks DebPC for sticking with me!
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Recruit HerJohn you should recruit that past hostess. She really loves our company, products and working with you!!
Deb...you are 100% right! If you want to make your business work for you, you MUST do all the things listed in the top list. It is the key. Thanks for sharing that. You always have great ideas.

What are the signs that indicate you are in business?

1. Consistent sales and revenue: A clear sign that you are in business is when you have a steady stream of sales and revenue coming in.

2. Repeat customers: When you have customers who come back to purchase from you again and again, it shows that you have built a loyal customer base and are successfully operating as a business.

3. Brand recognition: If people in your target market are familiar with your brand and can easily identify it, it indicates that you have established a presence in the market as a business.

4. Growing team: As your business grows, you may need to hire employees or outsource work to keep up with demand. This is a clear sign that you are in business and expanding.

5. Established processes and systems: When you have established processes and systems in place to manage your operations, it shows that you are running your business in an organized and efficient manner.

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