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Recent content by Lorna

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    Gift Certificate template

    The certificate is included with the product donation so 50 $ in product and 25 $ in certificate for a total donation of $75. Lorna
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    Gift Certificate template

    These are donations to the Rotary and an elementary school, I will be donating a bar pan, season's best and gift certificate worth $25, they must use the certificate through me, it will expire next year not sure if this is helping, I can't send what i have (don't know how) but want to make sure...
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    Gift Certificate template

    I tried to open the templates that Stephanieboyd sent and not one of them could I access, does anyone have another format available. I am not usually at such a loss, perhaps someone has the verbage they would share? Thanks in advance Lorna
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    Gift Certificate template

    I have a couple of donations to make and I loved the idea here, half product and half certificate. But for the life of me I can't figure out what it should look like. Any help please. Lorna
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    What should be in 'Welcome Baskets'...

    gift certificate does anyone have a downloadable certificate so i have an idea of what I can make. Lorna
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    St. Patricks Day Open House?

    themed vs open I replied to this earlier on another theme .. commit people to a time, place and event. If they know when they are coming and leaving they are better committed. People have good intentions and then life gets in their way. They may not all show up on time but if YOU do, you...
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    When to send host packets

    not to early that they are forgotten i take host packages to shows with me to show off, but i no longer give them out, it is a teaser look. I call them the next day to confirm date and time(make sure their calendar is still good) tell them I am printing the self-adhesive labels (permanent) and...
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    Booking to far ahead

    I soooo goofed As soon as i opened my mouth i knew to shut up and didn't ...learn and use my experience. I noticed a group of ladies and one wore the badge "the power of pink" I stared and then finally asked okay what is the power of pink? Mary Kay! , I easily turned the subject to PC and...
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    Microplane grater

    sure hope i explain this My 21 yr old son figured this out place guard half on front facing planer (has 4 fingers) then attach hopper to back side of planer and continue to slide both hopper and guard together to attach both to planer. Planer will not lay flat but remain in the easel position...
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    Drink Recipes

    drinks inc check web, loads of ideas go with simple is best.... Lorna
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    Large show - help needed from seasoned/veteran consultants

    Wow! Just this once let me live across our great country, I so want to be there with you. Let's just say... worst case scenario they don't buy anything and they don't book what will you focus on then to get there attention!. It still (amazeses) me, just when I think I lost my touch that...
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    Open House Concerns

    demo vs. open house human nature says structure is necessary, you must tell them when to come, why they are coming, what you are selling/giving etc, who you are where to go... (be nice). If you are doing the show alone, (no other consultant help)then do most of the prep ahead and explain what...
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    Opinions please on my party

    my experience ... do not make too much food, stick to one finger food and beverage. I find most that come order and quickly leave, unless they are friends. Potato demo is perfect. I find games can be fun if they are real simple like pass the gift, keeps the guests focused. I find most...
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    Burnt for ideas...

    Rural is Rough You may look into doing a show in a larger community, is there a hall, school or other facility that you can rent or trade a favor. ie, use the school and donate something to the cooking class room. Use the communtiy hall and volunteer a dish at there next local potluck. local...
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    How are the Success Seminars

    Burnaby Success Seminar I too went to the success seminar and it was all Linda says The cooking show demo done by Francine was fantastic, it is easy to see why she is so successful in her business. Great learning and best of all I made contact with a group of ladies on the ferry ride home and...